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2.8 (54)

Google Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Prefer to give 0 stars. Not a good company to work for."

    - S.N, May 23, 2022

  • "10/10 recommend! 🙂"

    - K.H, May 10, 2022

  • "Extremely upset that they cannot plow the streets in our development or our individual driveways. I cannot get out of my garage. I have been lied to on several times with ETA's of when the plow trucks are going to be here. It is almost 3:00 PM and no one has been here. What if it was an emergency and an ambulance needed to get down the road? There is no excuse for this. I have asked for the Regional Manager to call me and she has not called. They won't even give me her contact info, only her name. I have called Corporate office 6 times, no one answers and no one returns my call. Very upset I chose Redwood!"

    - S.B, Jan 17, 2022

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2.8 (54)

Google Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Prefer to give 0 stars. Not a good company to work for."

    - S.N.

  • "10/10 recommend! 🙂"

    - K.H.

  • "Extremely upset that they cannot plow the streets in our development or our individual driveways. I cannot get out of my garage. I have been lied to on several times with ETA's of when the plow trucks are going to be here. It is almost 3:00 PM and no one has been here. What if it was an emergency and an ambulance needed to get down the road? There is no excuse for this. I have asked for the Regional Manager to call me and she has not called. They won't even give me her contact info, only her name. I have called Corporate office 6 times, no one answers and no one returns my call. Very upset I chose Redwood!"

    - S.B.

  • "RENTERS BEWARE: Document every single surface and square inch of your carpet. Photograph everything upon arrival and the day you move out. As previous have mentioned, they will send you photos of carpet stains after the carpet has already been ripped up. But they will not provide a reason for why they ripped up the carpet to begin with. No evidence of carpet cleaning being conducted - they just decide to rip up the carpet take photos of ambiguous tiny stains, and determine that the carpet is unsanitary. Even if you did not have animals or any other reason for it to be there. We were there for 6 months and there was no significant damage or staining that could be seen to the eye. I guess by their definition, sanitary carpet is completely untouched. Check the Better Business Bureau - multiple reviews of the exact same thing occurring and they continue to get away with it. I am glad I read reviews before moving out so that I could document the flooring upon moving out. This family will be fighting them legally. This is outrageous that they continue to get away with it. Not only do they get away with it, but they charge for 7 years - "the assumed life of carpet". Carpet would last 7 years if you wouldn't rip up perfectly good carpet that isn't stained. This should have been a red flag that they specifically call this out knowing they will get away with it in the lease. While staying we had multiple things we called in about, water damage by the front entry, noise complaints...etc. But this is where they want to spend their energy. I hope this helps one person to not get screwed over. Clearly this is a scam they have learned to get away with. See attached photo of supposed carpet that is so destroyed it warranted ripping it up."

    - K.H.

  • "Redwood Medina is a great quiet, safe place to live but not worth the amount of money they charge for rent. Many flaws with the unit and contractors they use to semi paint it , clean it and install their floors at least for our unit. Maintenance Sean and Joe bless their heart awesome even with the huge load they have and Adrienne doing her best to get things fixed best they could minus the half paint job cause we already moved in. Overall not a bad place, great neighbors. One thing I wish you at corporate would think about is here at Redwood Medina they have a dog park noone uses ? Why don't they build a kids park there so our children have a place to go play, it be used instead of wasted space. Just a suggestion.It make it little kid friendly here. Just something I hope you think about in the very near future."

    - A

  • "Redwood's management team are so unscrupulous and incompetent, if you need to rent with them please do yourself a favor and carefully document everything. Do not plan on ever feeling "at home" and do not count on Redwood enforcing the lease agreement in your favor if you have issues- they do not care and will not follow through on complaints. The units are cheaply outfitted in the name of cost savings, and things will break regularly. Document every nick and dent when you move in - unless you treat your unit like a museum, they will charge you for bogus damages that legally constitute normal wear and tear. (small nail holes, dents and chips, etc.) A special warning to pet owners - If you have a pet, Redwood will retain your security deposit and charge you hundreds of dollars extra upon move-out for carpet replacement. In addition to the pet extra deposit and monthly fees, they have a scheme where they will bring in black lights and claim the carpet is "unsanitary" and needs to be replaced in all rooms even it if was in used condition upon move-in. State laws supersede their lease rules, and define carpet damage as visible staining or tears- but they continue to get away with this because most people don't have the time and money to fight back and just pay up. The Better Business Bureau and other review sites are littered with this same story happening to renters who say the same thing - their pet never had accidents but they were charged for all new carpet. They simply send pictures of the carpet padding already ripped up. Their business practices are truly disgusting - charge outrageous rent, then nickel-and-dime residents to death after they leave in the name of profit."

    - F.K.

  • "Currently on our fourth management team and they are "extremely busy" they say. Too busy to answer questions and too busy to repeat something that an elderly lady forgot. " We already told you that". That's not how you speak to old people with bad memories and who pay outrageous rent with no amenities! I'm giving 2 stars because the maintenance guys are great and they deserve some credit.i regret moving here and staying here!!!"

    - T

  • "Nice apartments due to 2-car garage & space, etc. However, they charge 1 1/2 month rent to move out before the end of the lease which is double rent for them. I know from living here 2 1/2 years that it only takes them 5-7 days to "flip" an apartment for new occupants, so I can understand charging the 1/2 month rent, but charging a full month rent after I have vacated just seems plain greedy. They will have someone in my apartment less than a week after I move out, so they will get double rent for at least one month. I could understand if they knew the unit would be empty for a few months, but in this location they have a WAITING LIST of people who want to move in, so it will not be unoccupied for any period of time whatsoever. Seems very unfair & greedy on their part."

    - A.W.

  • "The manager at the Redwood Community is super nice and was tireless at guiding me through the rental process . The apartment is awesome on the inside . I love the 2 car attached garage. The community is quiet and beautifully arranged. If you like Noise!! , you won’t like it here."

    - S.H.

  • "I suffered a job loss in July and paid my rent days late a couple times. I also had rental assistance in December. This was late due to LCCCA being backed up on payments. I was told I was unable to renew my lease due to late payments. They are making me move with two small children in the middle of a pandemic. It is dangerous to my and my children’s health to be moving. I was told according to the fair housing act they were unable to continue to rent to me because it wouldn’t be fair to others. Although, companies all over the country are showing empathy and compassion, Redwood is not. I was told by the manager that if I don’t leave an officer will be at my door to kick me out. My assumption is that they are not renewing leases for other people for this reason. I will be filing a complaint with the fair housing act. These people have no heart, making a single mother with children moving during a pandemic. It is shameful. It is dangerous. They are putting myself and my children at risk. In addition, they tore up a bunch of my grass next to the driveway and covered it with dirt that made my six year old son slip and fall due to the mud. All they did was give me an incident report form and did not address the issue. Now we are constantly trying to not step in the pile of muddy dirt every day. We pay over $1,000 here and that is beyond unacceptable. Also, the fire department had to be called a couple weeks ago because there was a malfunction with the smoke alarm. My neighbor and I heard someone’s alarm going off when we were outside. I talked to the fireman about this and he said it could be malfunctioning in any of the apartments that have these specific alarms."

    - J.A.

  • "Great Experience overall. My mom lives at Redwood in Louisville anytime she has a issue with anything in her home the staff is prompt and courteous to come out and fix it asap. They really go above and beyond here would recommend to anyone looking or a safe and beautiful home."

    - J.B.

  • "What a great place... If you're looking for home style living This is the place Our own Garage Entrance And large square footage Very very luxury living... So glad we moved here a month ago Nanette J Partin / Nanette Adcox"

    - N.A.

  • "Pros rental discount is high insurance coverage is full coverage Cons Over worked & Under paid ( you are really doing the job of 2 or 3 people for less pay) Majority of offices are modeled to be a one person office staff Passive Aggressive bullying from upper management Mandated to work events outside of scheduled office hours on a consistent basis The only way to get promoted is through a popularity contest- its all about who you know Lack of connection and communication with the corporate office Lack of teamwork - everyone is out for themselves- very cut throat Upper management bases their decisions off of perception, not actual factual information Unequal treatment of employees at site levels Advice to Management If rating this organization zero stars was an option I would. After much deliberation I felt lead to share my experience with Redwood Living in hopes that I am able to save anyone else from the hardships that I had faced. The most deceiving part about this organization is their portrayal and outward appearance of what they call their “Core Values”. Up front it was very refreshing to see, feeling as though this organization genuinely cared about how they conducted business and cared for all of those employed by them directly and indirectly. With that said I must caution you that these values are a true smoke screen for what truly lies beneath. Redwood models the majority of their offices as a one-person operation, One office staff member and one tech. While at first this may be appealing please truly step back to ask yourself how this is possible, if you have worked in the multi-family industry prior to joining their team. Being a one-man ship is NOT all it is cracked up to be. You are really doing the job of several people for less pay. You are constantly working over time because again, you are the only person in the office. You are asked to leave your office to accomplish marketing, attend events, and promote the business on a weekly basis. Even the best of those that are the most organized feel as though they are pulled in a million directions with no end to the chaos in sight. Redwood also changes course on the majoring of their Policies and Procedures so often that keeping up with them is unattainable. You are given the title of a Manager but truly are nothing more than a body to lease and push paperwork, no decision is made without going through at least one person in upper management. No employee is treated equal or the same when it comes to making an error or mistake. Some receive disciplinary action for the smallest of items while others make mistakes that burden Redwood with large financial deficits and receive no disciplinary action at all. Upper management bases their decisions off of what they deem perception with lack of factual information. The corporate office staff makes the on-site staff to feel as though they are an enemy, not a cohesive team. You will find yourself constantly scolded for asking questions or needing assistance. You are left at your property feeling completely disconnected from everything and everyone. Overall, my experience with Redwood is that of upper management from the Regional level and upward rule with passive aggressive bullying causing an incredibly hostile work environment. I can attest that I am not the only employee that feels this way as I have spoken to many throughout the organization in state and out of state. Those whom have expressed the same concerns but too afraid to speak up or attempt to do anything about it, wondering who will be next on the chopping block and what small thing might get them there. I would not recommend this organization to even the most desperate individual looking for income. Empolyees deserve better, especially those that go in to their office every day caring about the lives they touch and the work they complete. Please know there are other companies out there, Redwood is NOT your only option, and they are FAR from the best."

    - B.A.

  • "I have lived here for one year as of August 1. The management changed shortly after I moved in. The new community manager is awesome, totally committed to fostering a true community spirit! The grounds are well maintained, I love to sit on my patio, near the pond and watch the ducks at play, hear the fountain and watch the birds. Jennifer, {manager) and Tim (maintenance) are a great team, quick to respond and always pleasant. As a senior, I feel perfectly safe here and could not ask for a nicer, friendlier place to live.. I do hope, however that come winter there is more help for snow removal. The city is not too quick to respond and one person cannot do all the sidewalks and driveways. Overall, I LOVE it here!"

    - J.M.

  • "Great communities, but incompetent management across the board. First off, I was having some issues at my community. I tried contacting the community manager during business hours on a Thursday. I kept trying over and over to reach them by phone until the end of business. The following week, I get communication back from the community manager apologizing for the delay over the "weekend". If Redwood weekends go from Thursday to Sunday, then you need to have an assistant manager or something. Another example of terrible management is that 6 months into a lease, I get a letter that they didn't have my rental insurance paperwork. I was confused because I had to provide that paperwork in order to move in and have the keys released to me. When I left due to a situation beyond my control, I paid a month's rent knowing I'd have to pay a second month's rent as well and other various costs. I'm not disputing this. My problem is that after I received my final statement, they wanted the full sum right now. I have no problem paying my bills and figured they'd be willing to work with me. Since the amount is about as large as my paycheck and I have other bills that need to get paid, I asked if I could pay half now, half on my next paycheck. Typically, as long as a business is getting paid, they're alright with this. I've done it before with other apartment management companies. Like any legitimate business, who cares as long as you're paid, right? Well Redwood apparently thinks they're more important than your new landlord, your car lien holder, your car insurance provider, your utility providers, and expects that cold hard cash up front. Screw your other obligations, right?! They said no, they wouldn't do that and if I wanted to do that, it would go to external collections. Apparently the "Collections Manager" doesn't realize that instead of her company getting the full dollar amount owed, they're now going to get pennies on the dollar. So, congratulations Kimberly, you're costing your employer revenue. *slow clap*. I hope your boss is proud. I could have just skipped out all together, but no. I did the right thing. This company is literally refusing to take my money rightfully owed to them. If you don't want it, then you're not going to get it. Enjoy the BBB complaint. I look forward to discussing with senior management."

    - T.N.

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