Live Roof Systems

Bring modules with fully established plants inside the jobsite and simply set them in place on the rooftop

Why LiveRoof®?

Eliminate the need to start with a brown roof and farm it for years, hoping and waiting for it to become a green roof. GAF is partnering with LiveRoof® to combine the proven performance of EverGuard® TPO and PVC membranes with the LiveRoof® patented, proven hybrid green roof system.


Each module arrives to the jobsite fully grown and is simply set in place on the rooftop.

During installation, the unique, patent-pending Soil Elevator™ is easily removed to allow for a seamless fit, which provides the look of a "built-in" system without the extensive, ongoing costs of maturation.

Step One:

The Licensed Grower inserts the LiveRoof® Soil Elevator™ into the module
LiveRoof® Systems
LiveRoof® Systems

Step Two:

The LiveRoof® module is filled to the top of Soil Elevator™ with LiveRoof® engineered growing medium

Step Three:

LiveRoof® plants are grown to maturity approximately one inch above the LiveRoof® module
LiveRoof® Systems
LiveRoof® Systems

Step Four:

Certified installer sets LiveRoof® modules tightly in place on the roof within RoofEdge® aluminum edge restraint

Step Five:

LiveRoof® Soil Elevator™ is removed for a beautiful, seamless, instantly mature green roof
LiveRoof® Systems
LiveRoof® Systems

Step Six:

Water thoroughly to settle any loose growing medium and to give your green roof a great start


  • With a network of over 20 licensed growers across the USA and Canada, the product design is backed by unsurpassed expertise and customer service.
  • Systems are locally grown under the care of professional horticulturists who select RoofTop Proven™ plant mixes suitable to each project and climate.
  • Plants in the system are exclusively bred, selected, and developed for top performance amidst the rigors of a rooftop environment.
  • Modules can be custom cut to create natural-looking green roofs with sweeping curves and full vegetation.




  • Economical and easy to install

  • Available in natural aluminum, bronze, or black anodized

  • Available in four heights to accommodate LiveRoof® Lite, Standard, Deep, and MAXX modules

  • Prefabricated corners save time and labor and provide a neat, finished look

RoofStone® Integrated Pavers:

  • Size: 1' x 2' x 4" (Standard); 1' x 2' x 6" (Deep)
  • Artisan surface with chamfered top edge
  • Built-in hand grips and pedestals for fast, efficient installation
  • Suitable for pathways, landings, and patios
  • Impact and crack resistant
  • Available in five colors: Light Reflective, Mocha, Charcoal, Beach Sand, and Natural
RoofStone® Integrated Pavers

Systems offer a variety of plant options, with four system depths:

LiveRoof® Lite:  For retrofit projects where load limitations exist

LiveRoof® Standard:  Maximizes storm water management and integrates perfectly with both new construction and existing buildings

LiveRoof® Deep:  Irrigated to expand plant biodiversity to an array of drought-resistant, conventional, and native perennials, grasses, and vegetables

LiveRoof® MAXX:  Meets municipal codes in locales with 8-inch soil depth requirement; perimeter ballast supports drought-resistant perennials, grasses, and vegetables and can be used to optimize biodiversity

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