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We know you have options in Commercial roofing and it’s up to us to earn — and keep — your trust.

Building a better GAF Commercial around you


We’re building new plants for greater capacity, and better systems for faster response and greater visibility.

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Design Professionals

We’re building better, faster, more accurate access to the information you need.

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Property Owners & Managers

Whether you manage one property or many, we’re building the products and programs you need to reroof, restore, or maintain your investment.

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Commercial roofing systems and solutions

At GAF, we are constantly optimizing our product line based on your feedback. So whether it’s TPO, liquid-applied roofing, or anything in between, there’s a GAF roofing system for your needs.


We're building confidence into roof coatings

Our new refocused coatings line-up makes it a snap to spec the one that perfectly suits the challenges of your roof. Whether you need to repair, restore, or extend the life of your existing roof, there’s a GAF coating that can do the job — and now it’s a lot simpler to choose and use.

We're building solutions to help you save time.

Contractors tell us time is their most precious resource. We build time-saving innovations into our commercial roofing systems so you can do a quality job, fast, and move on to the next one.

We’re improving digital roof measurement

Use our roof calculator, GAF QuickMeasure, to get automated commercial roof measurements without having to step on the roof. Get accurate, multi-family and commercial property roof measurements in under 24 hours.

Better solutions for the way you learn

GAF makes professional training available for the entire commercial roofing industry, on demand or live courses, where and when you want it.

We’re giving you a design advantage

Our Building & Roofing Science team focuses on providing you the research- and experience-driven insights you need — from roofing solutions and technical design insights to white papers and CEU content — as well as opportunities to discuss your specific challenges with our experts.

We’re building a more productive industry around your crew

More than a quarter of a million roofing professionals have attended GAF CARE courses at thousands of events throughout the United States and virtually. Our Low Slope training features techniques that save you time and money while building customer satisfaction.

We’re building learning opportunities that fit your schedule

The GAF Learning Portal brings personalized learning to our industry partners. You and your team can access the easy-to-use platform on computers, tablets, and mobile phones, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Low-slope classes include product knowledge, installation skills, business-building techniques and much more.

We're building teams around you

It shouldn’t be your job to find the right person at GAF to help you. That’s why we’re dedicating resources to help expedite what you need. Whether it’s something special from the factory or troubleshooting on the job site, we’ll help you keep things moving when it matters most.

We're building a better GAF Commercial around you

See how we’re taking customer feedback, research, and good old conversation — and turning it into constant improvement.

We're building capacity around you

Literally. We’re opening new TPO and Polyiso plants in strategic locations around your capacity needs. We’re filling in the map, closing the gaps, so we can ensure that you get the product you need, on time and in peak condition. Learn about our people, products, and progress by clicking on our locations across the U.S. below.

We expanded ISO manufacturing

Due to availability issues, the roofing industry has been experiencing extended lead times. With the opening of the new EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation Plant in New Columbia, PA, GAF increased our polyiso capacity to meet industry demand in the Eastern Corridor, and we plan to open our fifth plant by the end of 2022, further strengthening our national network and better serving the needs of our customers.
With the labor pool stretched thin, finding time-saving solutions like installing a self-adhered roof is high on many contractors' to-do lists. Saving time doesn't mean jeopardizing quality: manufacturers continually work to deliver solutions that help increase efficiencies while still delivering a first-class installation.
Every roof is different, and that's especially true when comparing commercial vs residential roofing, also known as low-slope vs steep-slope roofing. Many roofing contractors start out installing residential roofs because they have a low cost of entry. The process requires minimal specialized equipment—most roofers are able to start out with a truck, a ladder, a nail gun, a compressor, and safety gear.
Every year manufacturers are invited to showcase their products at the International Builders' Show, a great stop for anyone in the building industry. In 2022, while attending the show in Orlando, FL, visitors were able to take the opportunity to go offsite and visit the Lake Sheen Showcase Home, featuring top-performing products in the industry.
Up to 25% of the United States experiences large hail episodes—and when they do, hail can cause severe damage to roofs and the HVAC equipment stored there. Hailstorms account for 70% of the average annual property losses from severe convective storms in the US. Building owners can protect their buildings and equipment by designing their buildings and roofs to withstand the damage caused by large hailstones.


Get support at every phase of your project

From planning to purchase to delivery, your GAF team is ready with the information and support you need.

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