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GAF Resources to Help You Through the Storm
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Tips for Navigating the Insurance Process


  1. It’s the customer’s decision. When you meet with the customer to determine if there's actual damage, the customer will need to decide whether to make a claim. It's not the contractor’s decision. 


  2. Be fully prepared when meeting with the adjuster. Be very detailed, and be ready with accurate facts about the weather damage situation in the area. You should also know the local codes, manufacturers’ requirements and specifications, and even what manufacturer’s product is currently on the roof. 


  3. Carefully review the insurance scope of loss. This detailed description of the amount and type of damage includes the quantity and quality of materials and the current cost of those materials and labor, according to the insurance company. Take the time to read it thoroughly, understand it, and note anything that might be missing from it.


  4. Offer financing options. Many homeowners may not be able to cover their deductible, so it’s important to be able to offer financing options. Consider learning more about GAF SmartMoney, a complete paperless payment solution that lets you accept any form of payment, as well as process financing applications right away, in the customer’s home. 


Reviewing the Insurance Estimate

What do you do when the insurance estimate doesn’t match what you believe needs to be done? Chad Conley, CEO of Complete Roofing GAF, offers some tips for reviewing and correcting the estimate.  


Speak Up
In general, insurance adjusters are not roofing experts. As a GAF factory-certified contractor, you should feel confident explaining what needs to be done, and be willing to correct the adjuster’s oversight.
Check for Missing Components
Some items that may be missing are drip edge, starter shingles, valley material, ridge cap shingles, step flashing, chimney flashing, exhaust cap and pipe jack.
Check the Date
Material prices may vary throughout the year, so make sure the estimate is based on the most current pricing available.

How to identify hail damage on a shingle

DON’T look exclusively for granule loss. Granule loss is just one indication of impact damage. A direct impact may not dislodge an immediately noticeable amount of granules.

DO slow down and look for indentations in the shingle. They will often be circular and may indicate a direct strike by a hailstone traveling at terminal velocity.

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