Master Flow®

Green Machine Solar-Powered EcoSmart Roof Vent

Requires no extra wiring or expensive electricians, and is fully solar-powered to eliminate related cooling costs
Green Machine™ Solar-Powered EcoSmart Roof Vent
Fully solar powered to eliminate electricity costs associated with electric vents
Increases Attic Ventilation
Up to 500 CFM (14.16 m3/minute) for excellent airflow1
Great Performance
More effective than (and a great replacement for) roof louvers


The Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar-Powered EcoSmart Roof Vent offers:

  • Durable Solar Panel:  Meets UL 1703 for solar panel impact resistance.
  • Fully Adjustable Solar Panel:  Tilt-and-swivel design for optimal performance.
  • Peace Of Mind:  Backed by 5 yr. ltd. warranty with 2 yr. Labor Protection Plus Plan.2

Note: Always have a balanced attic ventilation system. The amount of exhaust ventilation should NEVER exceed the amount of soffit ventilation.

1Based on GAF ASHRAE/ANSI standard airflow testing.
2See Master Flow® Powered Ventilation Products Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

Protect Your Investment

Find out about product warranties and options that may help protect your most valuable assets. 

  • Golden Pledge®
  • System Plus
  • 5 yr. Ltd. Warranty
  • All-American Pledge Roof Guarantee

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