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Aluminum Soffit / Undereave Vents

Our Most Popular Vent for Soffits/Undereaves
Aluminum Soffit / Undereave Vents
All-purpose intake ventilation
Surface-mount design with pre-punched nail holes makes installation a snap
Screened aluminum construction helps resist insect infiltration and corrosion


Located at the lowest portion of the roof, these easy-to-install vents are a critical part of the attic ventilation system, allowing the flow of fresh air into your attic. 6” x 8” (406 mm x 203 mm) screened aluminum soffit/undereave vent in Mill provides 65 sq. in. of NFA to allow cool, fresh air to enter the attic. Simple installation with pre-punched nail holes and surface-mount design.

Note: Always have a balanced ventilation system. In no case should the amount of exhaust ventilation exceed the amount of intake ventilation. 

Protect Your Investment

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  • 4 yr. Ltd. Warranty

Available Sizes

Note:  Product sizes, dimensions, and widths are nominal values and are subject to normal manufacturing/packaging tolerance and variation.
  • Net Free Areas (NFA)
    65 sq. in.NFA
  • Widths
    8" (203 mm)
  • Available Sizes
    16 " x 8" (406 mm x 203 mm)
  • Net Free Areas (NFA)
    26 sq. in. NFA
  • Widths
    4" (102 mm)
  • Available Sizes
    16 " x 4 " (406 mm x 102 mm)

Product Properties

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