8' Aluminum Soffit Vent
Master Flow®

8' Aluminum Soffit Vent

Located at the lowest portion of the roof, this easy-to-install vent is a critical part of the attic ventilation system, allowing the flow of fresh air into your attic
8' Aluminum Soffit Vent
Increases Attic Ventilation
Increases attic ventilation
Boosts air intake by moving up to 500 CFM (14.16 m3/min) of outside air into your attic1
Great Protection
great protection
Helps to prevent wood rot and may extend the life of your exterior paint
Energy Saver
energy saver
Solar powered to eliminate electricity costs associated with electric vents
Note: Always have a balanced ventilation system. In no case should the amount of exhaust ventilation exceed the amount of intake ventilation.

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