CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating
United Coatings

CanyonTone Clear Wall Coating

This silicone emulsion with reactive silane is a deep-penetrating concrete/masonry sealer and water-repellent treatment
CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating

Why United Coatings™ CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating?

United Coatings™ CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating is a deep-penetrating concrete/masonry sealer and water-repellent treatment that protects against the intrusion of moisture and chloride salts.


  • UV Stable:  No discoloration or yellowing with age.
  • Retains Natural Appearance:  No glaze, gloss, or visible sheen on treated surfaces.
  • Rain Discoloration:  Prevents darkening and discoloring of treated surfaces during periods of rain.
  • Versatile:  Can be applied by brush or roller, as well as by airless, conventional, or pump sprayer.
  • Breathing System:  Allows moisture vapor to escape from the building interior.
  • Protects:  Against efflorescence or migrating salts.


CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating protects exterior, above-grade vertical concrete, masonry, aggregate, brick, and stucco surfaces against the effects of water, de-icing chemicals, chloride-ion intrusion, freeze/thaw exposure, spalling, airborne pollution, and acid rain.

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