Aquathon® Wall Coating
United Coatings

Aquathon® Wall Coating

A liquid-applied, advanced acrylic elastomeric designed to waterproof exterior vertical surfaces
Aquathon® Wall Coating

Why United CoatingsAquathon®  Wall Coating?

Liquid-applied United Coatings™ Aquathon® Wall Coating is a 100% acrylic elastomer coating designed to waterproof concrete and masonry wall surfaces as well as bridge existing and future hairline cracks. 


  • Single Component: Aquathon® Wall Coating is a ready-to-use material requiring no catalyzation
  • No Solvents:  Aquathon® Wall Coating is a water-based elastomeric emulsion conforming to all VOC and air pollution standards
  • Uniform High Film Build: The product’s thixotropic consistency gives it excellent vertical hold, allowing full application in one or two coats
  • Low-Temperature Performance: Aquathon® Wall Coating is unique in that its elongation properties are maintained at cooler temperatures, contributing to its ability to bridge hairline cracks and withstand freeze/thaw cycling
  • Abrasive Weather Conditions: Aquathon® Wall Coating will withstand all normal weather conditions


Aquathon® Wall Coating was specifically developed to waterproof vertical concrete and masonry building exteriors, wood, and hardboard substrates. 

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