Sealclear Wall Coating

Sealoflex® Sealclear Wall Coating is a water-based product that yields a transparent coating and provides long-lasting water repellency
Sealclear™ Wall Coating

Why Sealoflex® Sealclear™ Wall Coating?

Sealoflex® Sealclear™ Wall Coating is a siloxane emulsion that produces a high-performance, water-repelling coating. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, masonry, and natural and synthetic stone.


  • Helps prevent mildew, surface staining, lime leaching, and salt efflorescence
  • UV resistant
  • Breathable and will not trap moisture
  • Clear and will not leave a glossy finish
  • Dries tack-free and will not retain dirt


Sealoflex® Sealclear™ Wall Coating is recommended as an external masonry and cement water repellent for vertical and non-trafficable horizontal surfaces. It is particularly suitable for highly alkaline surfaces such as brick, walls, concrete, stucco, limestone, and natural and synthetic stone.

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