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Rhino Top Textured Coating

A high-quality, water-based acrylic coating that incorporates an epoxy additive to increase its abrasion resistance
Rhino Top Textured Coating

Why United Coatings™ Rhino Top Textured Coating?

United Coatings™ Rhino Top Textured Coating is a high-quality water-based acrylic coating that incorporates an epoxy additive to increase its abrasion resistance and a special spherical silica sand to provide a fine, uniform nonskid finish.


  • Bonds tenaciously to concrete, masonry, and asphalt surfaces.
  • Resists ultraviolet degradation for long-term protection and color stability.
  • Provides durable non-skid texture on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Resists wear and abrasion through the incorporation of an epoxy additive.
  • Protects against asphalt degradation by sealing in the vital oils of the asphalt mix.
  • A special spherical silica sand is suspended in the product to provide a fine, uniform non-skid finish.
  • Provides a durable colored topping for horizontal surfaces.
  • Helps prevent dusting and spalling of concrete surfaces.
  • Surfaces resist penetration from general soils, motor oils, and gasoline for ease in cleaning.
  • Low toxic fumes or objectionable odor; meets all VOC requirements.


United Coatings™ Rhino Top Coating was specifically developed for use over concrete and asphalt. It is recommended for use on recreational courts, walkways, pool decks, tennis courts, patio decks, and floors. In addition, Rhino Top Textured Coating may be used over roof coatings to delineate walkways and service areas, as well as to incorporate skid-reduction properties.

Rhino Top Textured Coating can also be used in combination with Elastuff® 101 Base Roof Coating on applications requiring a waterproof membrane top-coated with a skid-reducing colored finish particularly effective on above-grade tennis courts and recreational decks as well as balconies and lanais.


Black, Brownstone, Burlap, Concrete Gray, Flint Gray, Sandstone, Smoke Gray, Tile Red, Turf Green, Black, White

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