Emphasis Shingle

The solution for replacing old asbestos siding
Emphasis™ Shingle

Why GAF WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding?

Perfect design and easy installation with virtually no maintenance makes GAF WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding the right choice to closely match and replace old asbestos siding.


  • Classic Look:  WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding possesses a distinctive beauty unavailable in any other siding products on the market. 
  • Unique Design:  Virtually identical in size and shape to millions of old non-existent siding shingles make it the perfect replacement solution.
  • Easy Replacement:  After properly removing the old siding,1 simply nail the WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding in place and paint.
  • Fast Installation:  Unlike some other fiber-cement siding products, WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding does not require caulking at every joint.
  • Safe:  WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding contains NO asbestos.
  • Pre-Primed:  Comes with a flat white primed surface, ready for painting.
  • Durable:  Helps resist warping, denting, rotting, expanding, contracting, and termite infiltration. 
  • Peace Of Mind:  Backed by a 25-year ltd. warranty.2


  • Replacement:  Great for replacing old asbestos shingles, siding small additions, or even changing windows without the expense of new siding for the whole house.
  • New Construction:  WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding meets or exceeds UL approved non-combustible testing (ASTM E136 & UL 723), making it a great option for new construction.

Where Can I Purchase GAF WeatherSide™ Emphasis™ Shingles?

Option 1: Contact Your Local GAF Distributor or The Home Depot®

Option 2: Buy WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding Replacement Siding Online at


1We recommend that any removal and disposal of asbestos-containing products be done by a professionally trained asbestos removal contractor.
2See WeatherSide™ Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

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