Installing or replacing ductwork can be a bit of a puzzle. And there’s nothing worse than discovering you’re missing a piece. That’s why GAF offers more than 300 different items for your end-to-end ventilation project. 

Whether you’re simply replacing old ductwork, venting a bathroom, upgrading appliances or improving your home HVAC system, GAF offers end-to-end components for virtually any home ventilation project.  

Duct Wrap and Sleeves

Use Fiberglass Duct Wrap Insulation to reduce condensation, absorb noise, and improve the air temperature efficiency of your duct system
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Heavy Gauge

Use GAF heavy gauge pipe, elbows, and fittings to vent boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters and more.
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In-Wall Duct Systems

Installing rectangular duct between wall studs saves space and is an easy way to route air up or down a wall, between floors, and in overhead spaces between floor joists or in attics.
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Plenums and Air Returns

Use plenums and air returns for mixing air directly off the HVAC unit or for returning air back through the system.
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Register Boxes

Help bring air into the room with this variety of register box configurations.
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Roof-Top Venting

Get maximum protection from leaks, animals and debris with GAF roof-top vent solutions.
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Starting Collars and Take-Offs

Connect duct trunks and branches to flat surfaces like plenums.
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Transitions and Connectors

Make turns, split trunks, create branching lines, and reduce the diameter of pipes.
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Trunk and Branch Lines

Move air throughout the building.
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Appliance Vents

Vent household exhaust from bath fans, range hoods, vented microwaves and more.
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All the accessories you need to pull your specific ventilation project together
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