Versashield® SOLO

Fire Resistant Slip Sheet

Fire Resistant Slip Sheet

Why Versashield® SOLO™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet?

It delivers superior protection against flame penetration and, in some cases, flame spread when installed in accordance with GAF Roofing System Specifications. It offers the highest fire ratings. One layer of VersaShield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet qualifies for UL Class A Fire Ratings over combustible decks with no incline limitations. Our proprietary fire-resistant coating is applied to a heavy weight, dimensionally-stable fiberglass mat to ensure VersaShield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet will roll out smoothly and lay flat.


  • Reduced Installation Cost:  One layer achieves equivalent fire ratings as multiple layers of other fire-resistant slip sheets
  • Saves Money:  Eliminates gypsum-based boards by achieving equivalent fire ratings at significant labor and material savings
  • Easier for Installers:  Six-foot-wide sheet will cover the roof 50% faster than competitive products
  • Safer for Installers:  Slip resistant walking surface improves traction on steep slopes
  • Direct Replacement:  One layer of Versashield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet qualifies as a direct replacement for Elk FB-1S and FB-2S UL Rated.

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