TPO Double Sided Tape
EverGuard® TPO

Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape

Why EverGuard® TPO Double-Sided Tape?

GAF EverGuard® TPO single-ply accessories and Double-Sided Tape provide roofing contractors with easy-to-install self-adhering details. EverGuard® TPO Double-Sided Tape is designed for use with Freedom™ RapidSeam™ TPO applications, allowing a complete installation without the use of a heat welder.


  • When installing self-adhering details, prime the accessory to be installed and the membrane that the detail will be installed over.
  • Peel the bottom side release liner off of the tape and apply to the membrane.
  • Peel the top side release liner off of the tape and apply the accessory to the tape.
  • Cover Double-Sided Tape with EverGuard® Strip-In Tape.
  • Apply pressure to the area where the tape is installed with a silicone roller.


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