EverGuard® Freedom

Membrane with RapidSeam Technology

Membrane with RapidSeam™ Technology

Why EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO Membrane with RapidSeam™ Technology?

EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO with RapidSeam™ Technology is a fully self-adhered membrane.  EverGuard® Freedom™ Membranes combine the proven technology of EverGuard® TPO with an added engineered adhesive that’s pre-applied to the bottom of the sheet for quick, hassle-free installation. EverGuard® Freedom™ SA Membrane with RapidSeam™ Technology includes a unique surface adhesive-seaming technology.

EverGuard® Freedom™ Membranes are especially suited for schools, hospitals, high rises, limited-access buildings, and coastal locations and areas subject to extreme wind conditions. RapidSeam™ Technology advantages include installation up to 50 times faster than taped seams and over three times faster than adhesive applications; it eliminates the need for 95% of chemical seam preparation solutions; there are no open flames or hot asphalt on your roof; and the factory-applied adhesive eliminates guesswork or uncertainty by the installer, resulting in uniform application. 


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