EverGuard® PVC

Walkway Rolls

Walkway Rolls

Why EverGuard® PVC Walkway Rolls?

The EverGuard® PVC Walkway Roll is required on a GAF-warranted roofing system. 


  • Great traction with herringbone design.
  • Smooth edges for easy weld ability.      


  • Heat-weld EverGuard® PVC Walkway Roll to the roof membrane surface continuously around the walkway roll perimeter.
  • Walkway rolls must be spaced 6" (152 mm) to allow for drainage.
  • EverGuard® PVC accessories are designed for use with GAF EverGuard® PVC single-ply membranes and PVC KEE membranes.
  • The factory-coated accessories may be installed on mechanically attached, fully adhered, or RhinoBond®1 EverGuard® PVC roofing systems.
  • See published application and specifications manual for detailed instructions.

1RhinoBond® is a registered trademark of OMG.


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