220 Two-Part Flashing Cement

220 Two-Part Flashing Cement

Why MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement?

This two-part formula has a quick set-up and cure time while providing excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including BUR, SBS cap sheets, concrete, brick/masonry, wood, and metal. With its low VOC and low odor, it creates a better working environment for installers. It’s versatile enough to be excellent for hanging wall flashings while being able to accept roofing granules or coating to match the rest of the roof. The high solids content ensures it will not shrink. 


MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement can be used on a variety of flashing applications, including wall flashings, penetrations, and repairs. It can be used with or without RoofMate™ Flashing Fabric for additional strength for difficult flashing applications. Due to its excellent adhesive characteristics, MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement is ideal for hanging wall flashings.


  • Apply a 30 mil-thick layer of MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement with a trowel.
  • When using the three-course application method around a penetration, apply one 30 mil-thick layer of MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement and then immediately layer-in RoofMate™ Flashing Fabric, followed by another 30 mil-thick layer of MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement.
  • When using as an adhesive (e.g., when hanging wall flashings), apply 1/8” (3.18 mm) coverage on substrate and 1/8” (3.18 mm) on the back of membrane to ensure the best contact and adhesion.
  • Refer to the complete application instructions for MATRIX™ 220 Two-Part Flashing Cement accompanying the product or at
  • Clean-Up & Disposal Empty containers or liners may retain some product residue. Empty containers must be disposed of in an approved landfill in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. 
  • Utilize a heavy duty ½” (12.7 mm) drill capable of 450 to 900 rpm when mixing. Mixing blade should be an 8" (203 mm) diameter mud mixer. Premix for one minute, then slowly add Part B hardener to Part A resin, and mix thoroughly for three minutes. Mix full kits only.

For Application Questions contact GAF at 1-800-766-3411 

Product Properties

Available Sizes

Note:  Product sizes, dimensions, and widths are nominal values and are subject to normal manufacturing/packaging tolerance and variation.
  • Container Sizes
    2-gallon (7.57 liter); 5-gallon (18.9 liter)
  • Net Contents
    1.93-gallon (7.32 liter); 3.94-gallon (14.9 liter)
  • Container Sizes
    250-gram (8.82 ounce); 499-gram (17.60 ounce)
  • Net Contents
    499-gram (17.60 ounce)
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