202 SBS Flashing Cement

202 SBS Flashing Cement

Why MATRIX™ 202 SBS Flashing Cement?

A high-quality, asbestos-free formulation for use as a cold-applied bonding agent for SBS modified bitumen roof systems, this heavy, “trowel-grade” consistency cement makes it the ideal product for flashing details, attachment of membrane to steep slopes and parapet walls, and a variety of waterproofing repairs, especially at moving joints where its flexibility and elasticity make it superior to standard plastic cements. Its superior-bonding strength and high flexibility accommodate temperature-related expansion and contraction of the roof or waterproofing system with a smooth, flexible application – even at low temperatures.  


MATRIX™ 202 SBS Flashing Cement “trowel-grade” consistency outperforms standard plastic cements for:

  • Attaching flashing to parapet walls, curbs, and roof projections
  • Sealing end laps and perimeter edges of SBS modified bitumen membranes
  • Sealing metal-edge flashing, gutter seams, air conditioning ducts, etc.
  • Repairing splits, breaks, and holes in roofing and flashing
  • Along joints of metal roof panels, metal edging, gutters, coping caps, and air-conditioning ducts
  • At pipes and projections through below-grade damp proofing membranes, for sealing shingles, and repairing asphalt built-up, metal, and masonry roofs

Product Properties

Available Sizes

Note:  Product sizes, dimensions, and widths are nominal values and are subject to normal manufacturing/packaging tolerance and variation.
  • Container Sizes
    3-gallon (11.36 liter)
  • Container Sizes
    5-gallon (18.9 liter)
  • Net Contents
    4.75-gallon (17.98 liter)
  • Container Sizes
    55-gallon (208 liter)
  • Net Contents
    53-gallon (200.6 liter)
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