CTW Curb-to-Wall Expansion Joint Cover

CTW-Style Expansion Joint Cover

Why Metalastic™ CTW Expansion Joint Covers?

Field splices are one of the most notorious leak sites on the expansion joint cover. Metalastic™ Expansion Joint Covers come in continuous lengths up to 250 ft., eliminating up to 90% of those splices along with the resulting leaks and embarrassing callbacks. They also reduce installed costs by up to 8%.


  • Flexible, contoured bellows have no seams or channels to trap water
  • Custom designs available, including custom profiles and transitions with galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper nailing flanges
  • Advanced butyl technology reduces installation hassles with a self-adhering seam-joining system
  • Splices take only 15 seconds vs. 15 minutes
  • Uniform splicing technique for all styles makes installation and repairs quicker and easier than ever
  • Faster, safer, and longer-lasting expansion joint seam detail


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