2 3/8" Barbed XHD Plate

AccuSeam® Plate

AccuSeam® Plate

Why Drill-Tec™ AccuSeam® Plates?

Drill-Tec™ AccuSeam® Plates are produced from coated Galvalume® steel for years of corrosion-free service.


  • Drill-Tec™ AccuSeam® Plates are used only with the AccuTrac® Stand-up Tool available from OMG. 
  • Eyehook AccuSeam® Plates can be used to attach single-ply membranes using Drill-Tec™ #14 (Phillips Head) Fasteners and (Phillips Head) XHD (#15) Fasteners, up to 6" (152 mm) in length.


For detailed fastening instructions, please refer to the GAF roofing/attachment system mini manuals at gaf.com.  


Note: AccuSeam® is a registered trademark of OMG. Galvalume® is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers. AccuTrac® is a registered trademark of Fives North American Combustion, Inc.

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