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Benefits of the HydroStop PremiumCoat System | Coatings Challenge by GAF
GAF tackles the question of what coating solution would work best for converting a large waterfront warehouse into luxury condominiums. Learn more about GAF's Hydrostop products: https://www.gaf.com/en-us/roofing-products/other-building-materials/non-roofing-coatings/wall-coatings/hydrostop-flexcoat-wall-coating https://www.gaf.com/en-us/roofing-products/other-building-materials/non-roofing-coatings/wall-coatings/hydrostop-barrierguard-waterproofing
HydroStop Application | GAF Roofing
The HydroStop® PremiumCoat® Roof System is a liquid-applied acrylic elastomeric system for recover and reroof applications. It can be installed over various types of existing roofs, including single ply, built-up, insulation board, structural concrete, and metal to help extend their life. Learn more at: https://www.gaf.com/en-us/roofing-products/commercial-roofing-products/liquid-membrane-roofing-systems

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