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Unisil HS Roof Coating

Unisil HS Roof Coating

Why United Coatings™ Unisil HS Roof Coating?

United Coatings™ Unisil HS Roof Coating provides superior weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, and biological resistance over polyurethane foam insulation and other appropriate substrates. Its pure silicone polymers are naturally fire resistant.


  • Tight surface finish effectively resists the attachment of algae, mildew, and mold organisms
  • Exhibits a rapid cure when exposed to ambient conditions
  • Long-term elastomeric properties from sub-zero temperatures to high heat
  • Resistance to weathering; no deleterious effects on coating after 5,000 hours of continuous exposure
  • Low VOC


United Coatings™ Unisil HS Roof Coating is designed to be applied over SPF insulated concrete, metal, plywood, and ambient and hot tanks. It is built for protecting a wide range of substrates from the effects of moisture intrusion and weathering, and is particularly effective as a protective coating over polyurethane foam on new or existing roofs.


Protect Your Investment

Find out about product warranties and options that may help protect your most valuable assets. 

  • Liquid Applied Diamond Pledge NDL Roof Guarantee
  • Limited Warranty on GAF Liquid Applied Roof Coatings
  • Liquid-Applied Emerald Pledge Limited Warranty

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