United Coatings

PMMA Catalyst

Why United Coatings™ PMMA Catalyst?

A reactive agent used to induce curing of United Coatings™ PMMA Flashing Resins, supplied as a white granular powder in premeasured packets. Premeasured packets for easier mixing.


United Coatings™ PMMA Catalyst is to be mixed with United Coating™ PMMA Resin – Summer or Winter Grade. United Coatings™ PMMA Flashing Resin – Summer & Winter Grade are designed to reinforce areas of BUR and SBS substrates that are heavily alligatored or contain numerous cracks, seams, joints, or splits.


Mixing & Catalyzing: United Coatings™ PMMA Flashing Resin – Summer & Winter Grade is a two-part system which must be mixed with United Coatings™ PMMA Catalyst.

Sizes Available

Available in a specifically designed vented box containing 10 premeasured 0.1 kg (100 grams) (3.2 oz) plastic bags (1 kg total). A 1-tablespoon measuring scoop is included in each box. (One (1) tablespoon equals approximately 0.01 kg of United Coatings™ PMMA Catalyst).

Product Properties

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