United Coatings

PMMA Fleece

PMMA Fleece

Why United Coatings™ PMMA Fleece?

A non-woven, needle-punched polyester fabric reinforcement specially designed for use with the United Coatings™ PMMA Flashing System.

  • 100% polyester reinforcement for penetrations
  • Easily conforms around penetration Improves strength while maintaining flexibility
  • Good for smoothing and repairing “alligatored” asphaltic membranes


United Coatings™ PMMA Fleece is designed to reinforce areas of BUR and SBS substrates that are heavily alligatored or contain numerous cracks, seams, joints, or splits.


United Coatings™ PMMA Fleece should be installed as required after application of any primers or caulk, and prior to application of the coating on the field of the roof. It should be embedded into United Coatings™ PMMA Flashing Resin – Summer or Winter Grade.

Available Sizes

Note:  Product sizes, dimensions, and widths are nominal values and are subject to normal manufacturing/packaging tolerance and variation.
  • Available Sizes
    305 mm x 25 m
  • Available Sizes
    305 mm x 50 m
  • Available Sizes
    1.04 m x 50 m
  • Available Sizes
    640 mm x 50 m

Product Properties

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