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Roof Mate WOB Flashing

Roof Mate™  WOB Flashing

Why United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ WOB Flashing?

United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ WOB Flashing is a synthetic rubber sealant that cures in the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It provides a seal along seams and around fasteners on metal roofs and excellent sealing around curbs and counter flashings.


  • Water based
  • Strong:  Forms a flexible seal that will not become brittle
  • Flexible:  Will expand and contract with metal roof
  • Free from plasticizers and oils that will migrate out over time
  • Required for joints, seams, penetrations, and fastener heads


United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ WOB (without biocides) Flashing is designed for use on metal, wood, and concrete.

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