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Roof Mate Butter Grade Flashing

Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing

Why United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing?

United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing is a water-based, high-solids acrylic sealant utilizing the latest advances in acrylic technology. Its thick, buttery consistency allows it to be easily worked into vertical seams on metal roofs, into gaps in flashings, around protrusions, and into heavily alligatored areas in weathered asphaltic roofing.


  • High-volume solids:  For low shrinkage without the use of plasticizers
  • Saves time:  Dries twice as fast as a coating
  • Versatile:  Suited for sealing mechanical fasteners and horizontal seams on metal roofs, as well as around flashings, drains, and protrusions
  • Excellent adhesion:  Adheres to asphaltic roofing, metal, concrete, wood, Hypalon®, TPO, PVC, and polyurethane foam
  • Handy:  Can also be used for encapsulating United Coatings™ Roof Mate™ Fabric


  • On metal roofs, Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing can be used on metal roof fasteners and vertical seams as well as with Roof Mate™ Fabric over horizontal seams.
  • On asphaltic roofs, Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing can be used over seams, around penetrations, and over alligatored areas.
  • It can also be used with Roof Mate™ Fabric to reinforce penetrations and seams on asphaltic roofs.
  • On TPO and PVC roofs, Roof Mate™ Butter Grade Flashing can be used over penetrations and seams to provide extra protection or with fabric to reinforce penetrations and seams.


Note: TPO or PVC roofs must be primed before applying a flashing or coating. Do NOT use on EPDM membranes.


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