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Diathon® QS Roof Coating

Diathon® QS Roof Coating

Why United Coatings™ Diathon® QS Roof Coating?

United Coatings™ Diathon® QS Roof Coating provides a faster-drying white top coat with elongation and tensile strength properties which are both maintained at lower temperatures.


  • Combines high solids emulsion polymers and potent biocides
  • Non-migrating fire-retardant chemicals are permanently locked into the cured coating to ensure performance
  • Provides a more rapid skin-over time than standard Diathon® Roof Coating
  • Helps to prevent wash-off from a light rain or dew in 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon ambient temperature and humidity


United Coatings™ Diathon® Roof Coating was specifically developed for use over SPF insulated concrete, metal, plywood, and ambient and hot tanks.

Product Properties

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