SureBond Primer

SureBond Primer

Why SureBond Primer?

SureBond Primer adheres firmly to all types of masonry, metal, and chalky surfaces.


  • Meets most VOC emissions and regulations to eliminate facility downtime during installation
  • Easy application and clean-up
  • No special equipment required to install


SureBond Primer is applicable on a variety of substrates. It is used for all types of masonry (brick, block, stucco, and concrete), metal, and existing chalky paint.


  • Apply SureBond Primer by brush or roller minimum 1/2" nap roller to area to the recommended coverage rate.
  • Coverage rate will vary due to porosity of substrate
  • Average surface will require 0.25 – 0.4 gal./100 ft² (1.0 – 1.6 L/10 m²)
  • Allow to dry before proceeding with additional products

Product Properties

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