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Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent

Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent

Why Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent?

Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent gives the ability to create an on site flashing grade with existing Unisil and Unisil HS roof coatings. The versatile nature of the Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent allows for flexibility on each project.


  • Allows a higher viscosity and excellent vertical hold for a variety of applications
  • Retains elastic properties
  • Increases tensile strength
  • Improves bridging strength
  • Fiber will not decompose
  • Easily mixed with air-operated mixer


  • Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent allows you to greatly increase viscosity and filling ability of the coating at an economical price.
  • The unique nature of Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent’s configuration allows excellent melding to silicone, without allowing slipping.
  • Thicker materials allow for fabrication of cants and filling around irregular surfaces. Unisil Fiber Bulking Agent can be used to thicken silicone coatings into spray or brushable mastics.
  • It’s excellent for flashing details, metal roof seams, inside and outside flashing details, round stacks, pipe legs, pitch pockets, conduit pipes, and expansion joints.

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