HD & HD Plus Insulation

HD & HD Plus Insulation

HD & HD Plus Insulation

Why EnergyGuard™ HD Insulation?

EnergyGuard™ HD and EnergyGuard™ HD PLUS has an R-value of 2.5, the highest of any cover board — and, at 11lb. and 13 lb. respectively per 4’ x 8’ board, it’s a fraction of the weight of gypsum cover boards. With 80 psi or 110 psi compressive strength and a durable coated glass facer, EnergyGuard™ HD and EnergyGuard™ HD PLUS is an ideal board for protecting your roof against the elements.


  • Easy to Handle:  Light weight (HD = 11 lb. & HD PUS = 13 lb. per 4’ x 8’ board) and easy to cut and install
  • Excellent Performance:  Highest R-value cover board at 2.5 (tested in accordance with ASTM C518)
  • Durable Construction:  HD offers 80 psi and HD PLUS 110 psi compressive strength combined with a durable coated glass facer
  • Versatile:  Compatible with mechanically attached TPO, fully adhered TPO, cold-applied MB, cold-applied BUR applications, and more

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