#75 Base Sheet

#75 Base Sheet

Why GAFGLAS® #75 Base Sheets?

The extra strength #75 Base Sheets offer excellent nail-holding ability, as well as superb tensile strength and resilience with no bleed through, reducing risks of splitting and cracking of the membrane. They will not rot, curl, or shrink and are dimensionally stable for improved membrane performance. The sealed sheets also serve as an effective flame retarder for the application of torch-applied modified bitumen membranes.


  • Designed to meet UL Class A ratings
  • Rolls out flat for easy installation
  • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years 


  • Engineered for use in the construction of GAFGLAS® built-up and RUBEROID® modified bitumen roofs
  • It is suitable for nailable specifications, such as plywood, where bleed-through is a concern


Product Properties

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