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Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd
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At Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd. we believe that there are many qualities that set companies apart. What we find always to be at the root of any company’s success however is the organizations ability to achieve and sustain high levels of performance. That performance is neither hereditary nor accidental. It is the outcome of deliberate choices made by senior executives. Many competing companies can, for a time at least, appear almost identical. Sharing the same targeted markets, business model, revenue base, employee compensation etc. But over time, this company’s performance start to vary and soon it becomes obvious that they never really were the same. T.R.I. actively manages the interaction between leadership, strategy, innovation and technical knowledge in a way that produces outstanding and sustainable results. It is staffed and managed to provide reliable, high quality service resulting in long-term effective service life of all its installations. Our vision and values contain very clear and explicit directions for how each of the company’s core elements ought to be managed and what competencies the organization needs to develop to achieve and sustain high performance. "LET US RAISE A STANDARD TO WHICH THE WISE AND THE HONEST CAN REPAIR". WASHINGTON SQUARE, N.Y.C.

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  • "Great company. Great work. Tim and his team did a tremendous job. They are thorough and tidy. Many thanks to Tim for everything he did! I would recommend them to anyone that needs a best in class roof."

    - P.S, Aug 29, 2022

  • "I had a leak, which was "repaired" by Toronto Roofing Industries. After their work a new leak appeared in a different location at the edge of their repair. After many calls/emails we had the owner over who said I should slap tar on it. No offer to do it themselves or guarantee their work by making a proper repair. During the sales process they said their guarantee was five years. However they quoted me $300 for them to come over and tar the offending spot. That is not a proper repair. And now, the original "leak" is leaking again, making their efforts and ephemeral guarantee totally worthless. If I had not employed them, I would have only one leak instead of two."

    - D.W, Jun 27, 2022

  • "Warning re local roofing company. I woke up a couple of days ago to the sound of roofers going at it. To my surprise, the roofers, Toronto Roofing Industries, were on my neighbour's roof and to my dismay, also tromping through my gardens, with layers of old shingles covering a large portion of the beds along the property line. Neither the neighbour nor the roofers had warned us of this work, or even asked permission to set up their ladders on our property. They just did it. And they destroyed about $1,000 of bulbs and perennials. If I had known the crew was coming, I could have easily protected the flower beds. When I saw the damage and to prevent even more, I demanded that they remove the ladder and materials from my yard. Eventually the owner of Toronto Roofing Industries, Tim Mulroy, convinced me to allow them access in order to finish their work, in return for which he would "make things right" for the damage. Sadly, I agreed, but Mulroy rejected my estimate of the damage, offering me one-third of the value because he thinks "it will all grow back". I'm a gardener and know landscaping costs all too well. And I also know that plants don't just "grow back" if they have been mashed and ground into a pulp by people walking on them. I have attached a photo of a small portion of beds flattened by the crew. So I have learned two things: avoid Toronto Roofing Industries since they don't give a tinker's dam about a neighbour's yard. And secondly, don't trust the owner of this business. His promises are worthless."

    - M.E, May 11, 2022

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