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  • "My experience with this contractor was terrible. Here's what happened: My elderly mother lives in the suburbs of Chicago and needs assistance with her daily life. On June 25th, her caretaker accidentally mixed up the gas and brake pedals on his car and drove into her garage, causing damage to the wall and PVC 2" shower vent pipe. We contacted my mom's homeowners association and were referred to Style Construction Inc. They provided a proposal on July 5th to perform the necessary repairs, but it took them another 4 weeks to apply for and obtain a permit. After the initial assessment, we were told that repairs were needed for the framing, garage door, and plumbing. However, they didn't fix the cracked shower vent, which kept leaking every time someone upstairs took a shower. When I visited my mom in late July, I compared the estimate from Style Construction to the actual repairs needed and found that they had quoted inflated prices for materials and work. We tried contacting them, but they didn't return our calls. Only after the association contacted them did we get a response, and when I asked about the repairs and materials, the representative became confrontational. I asked to be present at the site before repairs began, but the representative refused to explain his quote and got upset when I asked for an explanation. He threatened to pull the permits, and the next day, they did. We found another contractor who provided a quote of $500 for the same repairs that Style Construction had quoted at $2,458.92. This new contractor was authorized to work in the village and obtained all necessary permits within days. The inspections went smoothly, and the repairs were completed. Unfortunately, we were forced to pay Style Construction for work they never performed, thanks to the homeowners association. I would not recommend this contractor to anyone."

    - A.K, Mar 10, 2023

  • "This is the worst experience with contactor that I ever had. Here is the story. We live in Florida, but my mom lives here in Chicago suburbs. She is 75 years old, whose husband passed away recently... She speaks limited English and needs assistance with her daily life. On June 25th her caretaker “mixed” gas and brake pedals on his Toyota Camry and rammed through the unit garage door propelling through the garage and slamming into the wall. The force of the impact was slightly reduced by a garbage bin and the step leading to the mudroom door. Nonetheless that impact was strong enough to cause damage to the wall and the PVC 2” shower vent pipe coming from the unit on the second floor. We called the association asking for proper steps and directions on how to address the problem. I was given the name of Style Construction Inc. by Mom's homeowners association. On July 5th we got a proposal from Style Construction to perform repairs. It took another 4 weeks for the Style Construction to apply and obtain the permit. After the initial assessment by Style Construction, we were informed that the following repairs were required: Framing Garage Door Plumbing No immediate repairs were done even though the cracked 2" vent for the shower kept leaking every time the person upstairs took shower. We had to call a plumber to get the crack fixed. Everything else was left untouched and unrepaired. Upon completion of my business trip (end of July) I went to see my Mom and was able to compare Style Construction estimate to the work that needed to be done. Line by line comparison of the estimates revealed the super inflation of quoted materials and proposed work. We tried contacting Style Construction to ask/address the questions, but our calls were not returned. Only after a conversation with association, we were able to get Style Construction on the phone. It was a couple of days before they were scheduled to come to perform the repairs. When I started asking questions about proposed repairs Style Construction representative became very confrontational. I asked to be present at site prior to them starting the proposed repairs to discuss the repairs that would be performed and materials that would be used. On August 18th Style Construction met with me at the site. Once again when asked about the repairs and materials the representative became very confrontational and refused to explain his quote. I asked him to continue with the repairs but to show him exactly what he meant by each line on his estimate. The representative got visibly upset and informed me that he will pull out the permits, and wished him luck in obtaining the new ones... On August 19th Village inspector called my husband and scheduled a visit, because Stile Construction pulled out the repair permit. We found another contractor registered in Buffalo Grove village; I got an estimate for the SAME repairs from him. It was $500.00 (see attached) for all the repairs that Style Construction quoted $2,458.92. Our new contractor, registered and authorized to work in the village, went to the village on August 24th, got all necessary permits obtained, the inspection was scheduled on August 25th. On August 25th both scheduled inspections were passed with the flying colors (framing and plumbing). We were forced to pay Style Construction for the work he did not perform by homeowners association… This is our experience with Mark at Style Construction. I would not recommend him to anybody!"

    - A.K, Nov 30, 2022

  • "Needed some roof repairing also some siding came off and Style noticed it and fixed it while they were there. The employees were very professional and the work was excellent as well also very pleasant to speak with I highly recommend Style Construction for any of the many tasks they do very well."

    - C.Z, May 4, 2021

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