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Legend Roofing Corp
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This residential contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor. GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best warranties.

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  • "I had an appointment with this company on a Tuesday they called me at the last minute to reschedule because they said they didn't have enough employees. The guy shows up on Thursday and was not here 5 minute. I asked him to give me a minute because I wanted to discuss the job and he said Ok I came back out and he was gone. This company have not started the job and already lied to me twice no way would I have hired them. I mayself did construction for years and found this company rude and unreliable"

    - L.B, May 13, 2021

  • "Adam was great to work with & his crew was dependable. Highly recommend!"

    - B.B, Jan 4, 2021

  • "Stay away from this company. The sales process is awesome, but the delivery is anything but. The crew that was sent to my home was the slowest crew of roofers I have ever seen. They played lots of loud music and seemed to enjoy chatting with one another, but roofing seemed to be an afterthought. All the people on my roof were in T-Shirts of other roofing companies, which means they are all probably subcontractors and not employees of Albritton directly and that is never a good sign. During the process of having my roof get completed, a female (presumably a wife of one of the installers) in shorts and flip flops went up the ladder and on to MY roof. She was clearly not an employee of Albritton so if she fell off my roof I would have been personally liable for her injuries. I had to call my salesperson to get her off my roof. Had I not been paying attention, who knows how long that would have continued for. While working on my roof they left part around the chimney unfinished and caused water damage to a significant portion of my walls and ceiling below. The one thing they did correctly was offer to pay for the damage caused by that. However, I was told at the time that they would replace my chimney cap as part of the repairs to what happened with my chimney, and three weeks later they backed out on that and want to charge me to replace it. Adam Stevens (the NEW owner) says that it was not included in my original quote, but after causing damage to my home I wouldn't expect that to be included in the original quote. Adam gave me a long speech about selecting a good contractor based on "doing the right thing" and "keeping their word", but then fails to hold up the promises his employees made to me. We reached an agreement to subtract half of the proposed cost to replace that chimney cap from my final invoice so that I could get another roofer to replace it. This was of course after Adam and his uncle, the license holder for the company, came to my office to try and strong arm me for the final payment despite not having lived up to their word. Albritton failed my final inspection several times, not for work performed incorrectly, but for not including appropriate pictures and paperwork. This is something that I normally wouldn't have cared too much about, but compounded with all of the other issues it only goes to show that they are unorganized and unable to follow simple directions. Again, let this be a cautionary tale to everyone who reads this. I selected Albritton based on the recommendations of many contractors who know and remember Gary Albritton and Richard Stratton, the former owners. They were supposedly the best around, but as Richard told me personally, after 40 years he doesn't want to be involved in the day to day any longer. If Adam continues to run this business this way it will only be a matter of time before they go under, and all of the warranty they claim to provide will be null and void. Again, I would caution anyone to select this roofer. I paid a premium, and certainly did not get what I paid for. There are several five star reviews listed on this page, but if you read some of the names you will see that they are clearly posted by the new owner and some of his relatives. Most others are probably other employees or friends of theirs based on the lack of detail in those reviews. If anyone doubts the validity of this review please reach out to me and I can share text messages with my salesperson that will show every word of it is 100% accurate."

    - N.M, Oct 6, 2020

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