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Four Way Roofing

Member Since: 01/01/1900
1601 Commercial Dr , Alton IA, 51003 USA

About us

Four Way Contracting is a full-service roofing and sheet metal contractor offering single ply membranes, tapered insulation design, standing seam metal roofing, metal & asphalt shingles, and sheet metal fabrication for decorative metal wall panels, metal flashings, and gutters. We started as a family business in 1986 and are still family owned. The current owners are Brian and Lisa Schutt. After working with his dad for 15 years, Brian and Lisa bought the business from his father after his retirement in 2001. Brian's brother, Bruce, is also involved with the business as the job site superintendent, assuring on-time job completion and quality installations. In December of 2008 we moved from our Hospers roots to our new 10,000 square foot shop and office building in the new industrial park in Alton, Iowa, which has allowed us to keep growing as we have in the past. We pride ourselves on getting the job done in the time frame allotted--even if that means working nights and weekends. Our installers have many years of service and education making our quality second to none. We believe in doing the job right the first time.

Our Awards & Certifications


Master Select™ Certification

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Installation Excellence Award
Signifies that this contractor has been awarded GAF’s Installation Excellence Award. Indicates that the contractor has had multiple "perfect" roof installations, based on GAF quality inspections.
Single Ply Certified
Single Ply Certification
This GAF-certified contractor specializes in installing Single-Ply roofing systems.
TOPCOAT Certified
Topcoat Certification
This GAF-certified contractor specializes in installing TOPCOAT® roofing restoration systems.
CMP Professional
CMP Certification
This contractor can offer you the WellRoof® Guarantee Extension on your NDL warranty, extending it by 25%, when you agree to annual preventative maintenance.

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