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Customer Reviews

4.6 (120)

Google Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Jeremy is so great. Think I will have a great outcome at my home"

    - P.B, May 14, 2022

  • "Great customer service easy to work with professional. They work with the insurance company to get my roof fully purchased which wasn't easy it took a while and a lot of persistence on there and. Got a beautiful brand new roof. Thank you Richard and DreamWorks roofing there we go"

    - V.D, May 4, 2022

  • "When a tree fell on my house Mr moxley . Went out of his way to help.he worked late. Close to dark to cover the roof to.keep the rain out.when they put the roof on he supervised the job very professional. He helped.me connect with the right people several times. Very satisfied with the roof. I would recommend him very highly thanks Mr moxley for a job well done"

    - J.L, Apr 27, 2022

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4.6 (120)

Google Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers on Google

  • "Jeremy is so great. Think I will have a great outcome at my home"

    - P.B.

  • "Great customer service easy to work with professional. They work with the insurance company to get my roof fully purchased which wasn't easy it took a while and a lot of persistence on there and. Got a beautiful brand new roof. Thank you Richard and DreamWorks roofing there we go"

    - V.D.

  • "When a tree fell on my house Mr moxley . Went out of his way to help.he worked late. Close to dark to cover the roof to.keep the rain out.when they put the roof on he supervised the job very professional. He helped.me connect with the right people several times. Very satisfied with the roof. I would recommend him very highly thanks Mr moxley for a job well done"

    - J.L.

  • "DreamWorks did a great job for us. Very professional, fast, accurate, friendly service! Would recommend to my family and friends!"

    - N.G.

  • "We had our bathroom renovated by Dreamworks and we couldn't be happier!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Danny and Michelle helped us get the project started and they were such a pleasure to work with and we couldn't have done it without them. Chris Lightfoot and his crew were in charge of getting the project completed and they were phenomenal!! They were very professional and did an awesome job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about a renovation, wanting it done right and ending up with a beautiful result. Thank you Dreamworks!!!! Marilyn S."

    - M.S.

  • "Love our new roof!!! Very nice people to work with and they did an awesome job, clean everything up all in one day... Give them a try..."

    - B.B.

  • "My current contact is Chris a office manager as the rep did not work out. He is currently telling me I won’t be able to talk to a owner! Had our roof done a week ago. They dropped a “nail gun” through the vent causing a hole in our ceiling upstairs. And put there ladders across our gutters also causing damage. Not to mention walking all over our flower beds. We were told by the on-site supervisor that we would get a call the next day to get things set for repairs. Never got the call. We called them 3 days later. To get we will call you this week to set a date and time for repairs. That was Monday. It’s now Wednesday and still no call. Poor response when they cause damage to your home."

    - M.M.

  • "We have used Dreamworks twice at the recommendation of our State Farm agent. They repaired our roof from where a satellite dish caused roof/soffit/fascia damage and water was pouring underneath. We also just used them to blow leaves and pine straw off the roof and gutter guards as well as blow off the roof of our shed. Very professional, friendly, prompt and quick service. Well definitely use them again and will recommend their services as well."

    - J.B.

  • "Great folks to work. I love supporting my local businesses so that they could thrive and help out more folks in the community.  I had a storm damage and I reached out to Dreamworks and worked with Jermey. He was able to work with my insurance company and got me new shingles in no time. Loganville GA"

    - A.A.

  • "12 hours after submitting this revised review I’ve been Threatened with legal action by the owner. This must be their go to tactic to receive 5star reviews. This is actually the 2nd time he’s threatened me with legal action after failing to fulfill his promises and me asking him to keep his word and honor our contract. He’s assured me that if downspout issue continued it would be covered under warranty and to call him personally. I did that, it took multiple follow ups to get a response, one of his employees was supposed to be at my house several days this past week and never showed up. The pictures in this review are from the next morning when I had to ask the gutter installer to leave at 10:30pmLabor Day weekend. It represents the state that they were going to leave my property after being assured they would have the work completed by 6pm that same day. This post and review are completely accurate of my experience with them. They did complete the work, but as I feared having the install completed in the dark I’m having issues with their work. I would think it would be easier for them to reI’m revising my original 5star review I left after my roof install. My salesman was great, I was even going to use them for several other projects. However, after installing the roof there were several missed appointments to install the gutters and several missed appointments to pickup extra roofing materials that were left in my driveway. 1 person ended up installing the gutters at night on a ladder 3 stories up using only a headlamp to see. I had to ask the installer to leave at 10:30pm on a Friday night so we could sleep. He left my property a complete hazard with nails and metal debris everywhere. They acted like they did me a favor sending the same guy out on a Saturday to clean up and work 4 more hours to finish the job. He didn’t show up until 3:30pm the night before! Now I’m having issues with the downspouts and they have missed several appointments to investigate the issue and don’t appear to be honoring their warranty."

    - S

  • "Jeremy is a delight to work with and his team is prompt and courteous. I do recommend this company. 😊"

    - C.S.

  • "Not impressed from the start of my experience with this company. I called in to schedule an estimate and confirm a date for someone to come out and give me a quote. My appointment was later cancelled simply because the inspector was not able to meet the time HE scheduled due to attendance of a softball game. Not once did this company call me to reschedule another appointment, I called them numerous times. Finally, the inspector that came to give me a quote showed little interest in a potential sale. Two weeks later he calls back with a quote. Unprofessional experience."

    - C.F.

  • "Chris Parker helped me with all my needs, great guy and a great business! Highly recommend!"

    - C.C.

  • "I had a great experience with Jason and his team at Dreamworks. He was very knowledgeable with the entire process, which was seamless, and everything was completed on time and as promised. I certainly would recommend their services to any of my neighbors looking to enhance and update their residence."

    - J.H.

  • "We are very pleased at the new roof installed by Dreamworks. They provided excellent service from start to finish. Richard Moxley was very pleasant and helpful in keeping us updated through the whole process. He was thorough in explaining the process and always took care to make sure that all of our questions were answered and that we were satisfied. We couldn't recommend Dreamworks enough!"

    - T.B.

  • "When a tornado hit our neighborhood, lots of roofing companies came from all over and started their pushy sales pitches to try to get business. Richard from Dreamworks was the first contractor to my house. Even though our street was impassable by vehicles, he walked up the hill with his ladder over his shoulder. It was pretty obvious, even from the street, that we needed a new roof, but he politely asked if he could enter my yard and take a closer look. He was quick and professional and after checking the roof told me what his company could do for me and how it would work. No pressure, just facts and details. He even explained how the insurance would work and what the timing would be. I had heard of Dreamworks and had seen their signs in yards before, so I did a quick Google search and saw enough to feel confident that they were legit. I accepted his offer. Lots of other companies stopped by and immediately started in with pressure and scare tactics. A couple of times I even had to run people off my front porch. I never once regretted choosing Dreamworks. The next day my roof was covered and three weeks later they completely replaced my roof. The whole crew showed up at 7:00am and got to work. By 5:30pm they were finishing up. They were professional and efficient from start to finish. When they were done, they cleaned everything up and hauled away the debris. The tornado cleanup is still going on four months later, and I have many neighbors who still have not been able to get their roofs repaired. I have heard stories of all sorts of troubles with roofing companies and insurance and labor. There are houses with worn-out tarps still on them or piles of roofing supplies in their yards with no crews coming to do anything with them. It was such a relief to have mine done so quickly, easily and professionally. Dreamworks did almost all of the communication with insurance and everything happened exactly as promised that first day Richard carried his ladder up my street. I highly recommend them."

    - C.C.

  • "After moving I quickly realized my roof was in worse shape than my original home inspector had stated. Richard Moxley came a few days after I reached out to Dreamworks and provided the most thorough, detailed, and easy to understand inspection I’ve ever had (I’ve moved a lot…). I was provided several options, was never pressured, and was always quickly responded to throughout the process as I asked a ton of questions. The installation went great, it looks great, and the cleanup was fantastic. Considering my past experiences with inspectors and contractors Richard and Dreamworks far exceeded my expectations. I already have them working on some quotes for other projects to improve my new house for my family."

    - S

  • "I can’t say enough great things about this company. The job was completed quickly, professionally and they cleaned up after the install. My roof looks great and they stand behind their work. They worked closely with the insurance company and were able to get the insurance to cover needed up grades."

    - J.P.

  • "There was not enough damage to my home but I was so pleased with the experience I decided to write a review.There was a young lady named Amber that came and knocked on our door to offer us a free roof inspection. We have had many Roofing companies knock on our door here recently and we have not allowed it due to them being kind of aggressive.Now this young lady made us feel VERY comfortable. So we decided it would not hurt to have someone check it out. She was very knowledgeable and gave us peace of mind knowing are roof should be good for the next few years. We will definitely be calling her when that time comes!"

    - E.C.

  • "Dreamworks is top notch and very professional. They showed up on time to look at the roof and provide a quote. They kept in contact during scheduling and showed up on time for install day. The crew was very professional and efficiently removed and replaced the roof. I was really impressed with the workmanship and final result. Great work and great price. I highly recommend Dreamworks!!"

    - B.B.

  • "Dawn & Gary came out and inspected my aunt's roof and also ours. they were unable to find enough damage at my Aunt's home to get a full roof replacement at the time but will come back in 4-6 months to inspect again. we definitely appreciated the honesty and the knowledge that they provided to my family. however, they DID find enough damage on our home and were approved by our insurance for a full roof replacement! Pretty awesome, we only had to pay our deductible of $500! We are so happy with how the roof came out! from start to finish, they made the process smooth and these two are also pretty hilarious! Felt like we were working with friends! Thanks again!"

    - G.M.

  • "Jacob was awesome to work with! From start to finish, Jacob and his team were professional and on time. Had a new roof in less than 24 hours once work started! Jacob was even there to help talk to the insurance agencies and help reduce cost! Highly recommended anyone looking for new roof, roof repairs, or roof questions to give Jacob a call!"

    - J.T.

  • "After having several roofing companies contact us regarding our old, damaged roof, we decided to use Dreamworks for our project. Kenneth came to our home and was very knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. When we told him we had Allstate for our insurance company, Kenneth did not shy away from the challenge. He worked with us every step of the way and got our roof fully covered. We even had enough coverage to get architectural shingles installed instead of the normal 3-tab. On installation day, the Dreamwork crew showed up early and got right to work. Tyler was the project lead and he kept us informed on everything they were doing. He answered all of our questions in great detail and we were confident in his ability to manage the project. Tyler even had the workers stop the shingle removal so my wife and sons could leave the house safely. The crew finished our roof that evening and did a great job of cleaning up. So far, we are extremely happy with how our roof installation turned out. I would certainly recommend Kenneth to get you started and walk you through the process, and I would recommend Tyler to manage your installation from start to finish. Some of the other roofing guys will promise you things they probably shouldn’t be doing, but if you want honest, reliable and straightforward service, go with Dreamworks. You won’t be disappointed."

    - Q.T.

  • "I was initially wary of this company, as they knocked on my door unsolicited with the usual roofer's story about replacing my roof at my insurer's expense. After inspecting the roof and taking photos, they asked me to sign something which included a fee if I hired a different company to replace the roof. But we got past that problem quickly, and everything worked out seamlessly, efficiently and professionally exactly as they told me to expect. That is, they handled all communications with my insurance adjuster, who agreed with their diagnosis requiring roof replacement due to wind damage, and it cost me nothing but my insurance deductible. Actually, it cost me about $1,400 more than that but only because I asked for an upgrade to the quality and appearance of the roof. The work required all of one day but no more than that, and they cleaned up when they were done. One problem did arise. Roof replacement causes lots of noise and vibration, as they told me it would, and it caused a light fixture in my laundry room to fall out of the ceiling. To be honest, I don't think that would have happened but for the 50-year old plastic fixture in the ceiling that was in the process of disintegrating. When I noticed that a day or so later I thought it was my problem, but when I mentioned it to Chris Parker, Dreamworks' General Manager, when he called just to ask if I was satisfied, he said he would send someone out to fix it. Frankly, I thought it would be a difficult job, possibly requiring someone to crawl around in my attic, but Danny called me and sent Carey to fix it, who came on schedule and fixed it in less than 30 minutes. I rarely respond to surveys and requests for reviews, simply because everyone wants that these days and my time is worth something to me. But in this case I was motivated to write this review, with the repair of the light fixture possibly the single most important motivating factor. They didn't have to do that but they did, and that, together with the efficient roof replacement, makes me a happy customer."

    - R.V.

  • "Working with Dreamworks was a great decision. During our roof replacement there were a few challenges that popped up along the way (not all due to Dreamworks). However, through great communication with Joey and his team they were able to provide us with both a great roof and great experience. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have their roof replaced."

    - T.C.

  • "I called Jeremy as I am purchasing a home. He has been fabulous from day one. I needed a roof inspection to see if home I am purchasing has a structurally sound roof. He came out and did the estimate actually a day earlier than he promised. He actually came on a Sunday, which is his off day. He came as he knew I needed the roof inspection as soon as possible and as Monday there was predicted to be rain. He was out inspecting the roof for at least an hour. He provided me a detailed report with many photos showing the areas of concern. He also has spoken with me several times about his findings and recommendations. I can tell, after talking to Jeremy over this past week, that he knows his stuff. He is professional, polite and very responsive. I can tell he wants what is best for his clients. He definitely is a hardworking and diligent professional."

    - J.J.

  • "Dreamworks was great to work with. Jason was the project manager that orchestrated all of the interactions with my insurance. There were no insurance surprises and it was relatively seamless getting things moving. It took them 1 day to remove and replace my roof (and there was a bit of additional repair work needed). Crew leader Travis communicated well and explained all that was done, and his enormous crew was outstanding. I interacted with the office very little, but Teresa was prompt and attentive. All told, this was a painless experience and have even recommended them to others."

    - J.C.

  • "Great experience!! Definitely recommend! Jacob Fuchs came out and inspected my roof because I had some concerns about how it overlapped with the gutters. Jacob did a full inspection outside and even checked the interior attic to make sure everything looked good from both sides. And he even took the time to show me what my roof looked like. He told me honestly there was nothing wrong with my roof and that it was in good shape. He was very prompt, professional, and honest which I really appreciated!! Definitely would recommend him to anyone looking to have their roof checked out and will use him in the future if I have any issues!"

    - H.N.

  • "After things not turning out with another roofer (very unprofessional), Tim Brisbane knocked on my door at the right time. I had already done my own research on choosing the right brand of shingle. I knew I wanted to go with Certainteed. Tim was very trustworthy and I had confidence in him. We worked out all the details and Tim worked directly with my insurance company as well. My new roof was installed without any problems. I would reach out to Tim and the Dreamworks team without hesitation anytime. Lisa - Decatur"

    - L.M.

  • "We couldn't be happier with our new roof. Jason Fuchs was our project manager on this job. He handled everything from the inspection, and communicating with our insurance company to delivery of all materials and timely clean up. If you think you can't afford a new roof, give these guys a call first!"

    - S.M.

  • "Dawn was outstanding from the beginning to the end she went above and beyond. The work and finishes made my house look incredible my family loves it. Thank you so much Dawn for being so professional can’t believe how easy the process was. Highly recommend Dreamwork's restorations."

    - J.G.

  • "Huge thank you to Jacob Fuchs and Keith for helping me with my new roof! my wife and I love it! Thank you Jacob for making the whole process as painless as possible and making sure I got taken care of well! Nobody I recommend more than Dreamworks!!!"

    - J.M.

  • "I was definitely skeptical when people were at my door talking about getting my insurance to buy me a new roof! Dawn and Gary made it happen- they took care of everything and I just couldn’t be more grateful because I tried doing this on my own years ago, had no idea what I was doing, and failed when my insurance said NO. Having their presence at the inspection truly worked. Allstate paid for it all. My deductible was $1000, so that’s all I paid for my new $15k roof! Thanks so much Dawn & Gary! You both were professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with! Merry Christmas!!"

    - V.M.

  • "Thanks to Jacob and the roofing team I have a beautiful new roof. Everyone was respectful and they even fixed a problem that came up down the road. Insurance claim was handled smoothly by Jacob and he took care of the whole proces and Insurance paid for it. Even Allstate calls Jacob Fuchs Daddy"

    - N.H.

  • "I started following Dreamworks because of a former student, Jacob,. He is a partner in the business. I wasn't actually looking for a roof at the time, but one of their representatives actually knocked my door with an offered for a free roof inspection. So I let them inspected roof. After the came down from the inspection, they made me aware that they saw ZERO damage to our roof. A few days later another roofing company had come by and offered a free inspection as well, when I saw they were roofing neighbors of mine I allowed them to take a look. After the completion of their inspection they had told me my roof has lot of hail damage and persisted that we file a claim. We preceded, but I had a bad feeling about it. The roof was approved by my insurance provider so I reached out to Jacob Fuchs of Dreamworks. He sent me a link showing me the past roof inspection they had completed and to my surprise he guessed the company that actually inspected my roof letting me know, there were concerns of contractor made damage. Neither of us have proof to say either way, but the customer service and knowledge from Jacob is what sold me , on choosing the contractor for my job, I'm glad I hadn't signed an agreement with the last company just yet. Jacob came out right way and went over every with and to my surprise had gotten the insurance to pay out an additional $10,000 for my roof! The roof is beautiful and Jacob personally came by and picked up left over materials the day after Thanksgiving. Overall my experience was incredible. Jacobs response to phone calls and text messages make me feel he just might be the Usain Bolt of customer service. If you need a roofer Jacob is your go to guy!"

    - C.W.

  • "Dawn with Dreamworks is great. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. My new roof is fantastic and adds value to my home. If I have something else that needs to be replaced I will definitely use Dawn and Dreamworks."

    - T.N.

  • "Joey Wood, what a sweet young man. When I couldn’t get though and get a response from the insurance company, he got right through and helped get things going. The workers showed up on time, were very presentable, hard working. They got the job done in time without a hitch. They were excellent. I’m thankful for each one."

    - B.P.

  • "After thorough research for local Roofing companies in my area, Dreamworks Restoration was HIGHLY recommended! Everything from start to finish has been explained to me very well. Their knowledge about the insurance process and roofing procedures never made me question if I picked the right contractor! I will always refer them to my friends and family!"

    - T.M.

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