Looking for A Rewarding Career?

The Roofing Industry Could Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For

When trying to find the right employer, going with the best is a no brainer. Whether you’re going the residential or commercial route, GAF recommends choosing a career with a GAF factory-certified Master Elite® Contractor or Master Select™ Contractor. Both designations demonstrate that the company has achieved outstanding track records of quality and success. 

How outstanding? Consider that less than 2% percent of all roofing contractors have qualified as a Master Elite® Contractor and less than 1% of all roofing contractors have been awarded Master Select™ status. Why work for anyone other than the best of the best? 


If you haven't watched our video about what a career in the roofing industry can do for you, check it out now!

Join The Crew - GAF Roofing

If you like to work outdoors … If you don’t want a lot of bosses over you … If you’re tough enough … join a crew. Be a roofer. You don’t need a fancy degree. They’ll pay you to train, and you’ll earn a good buck. Enough to raise a family, and have a secure future. So join the crew. There’s pride in roofing. It’s you and your crew working together to get a hard job done. And hey. Everyone needs a roof. And the crew needs you. There’s a shortage of roofers. Come and meet the crew. Stick with it and someday, you could become a Master Roofer with a crew of your own. It’s your future. Start building it today.

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