Turn your roof into an energy-producing asset

Produce your own power. Lower your electric bill.1 Decrease your reliance on the local utility company. Over time, GAF Energy solar can pay for itself and your new roof by saving you money on your monthly electric bill.1

1 Saving will vary and are not guaranteed.

Precision and power

Unlike a traditional rack-mounted solar panel system, our elegant, low-profi le solution attaches directly to the roof deck to provide protection against leaks. Utilizing roofing best practices and an overlapping seam to channel water, the system is water-shedding.

The solar is part of the roof.

A powerful new roof

Water-shedding solar system is installed along with the roof.
Offers excellent protection for your home.
High Quality
Dramatically simplifies the process of going solar.
We've got you covered

We've got you covered

The GAF Energy system makes it easy for you to go solar.

Working with a GAF-certified roofer2 means your new roof and its integrated solar have the option to be covered under the same industry-leading warranty3.


2Contractors enrolled in the GAF factory certified contractor programs are independent contractors and are not employees of GAF.

3Available for qualifying systems installed by GAF Master Elite® contractors only. See Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and Decotech® Addendum for complete coverage and restrictions. For installations not eligible for the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and Decotech® Addendum, the Decotech® Limited Warranty applies. Visit gaf.com for copies of these limited warranties.

Find out if GAF Energy solar is right for your home!

Find out if GAF Energy solar is right for your home!

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