The Next Generation of Solar

Go solar with beautiful, affordable panels that enhance the curb appeal of your home. The sleek, low-profile DecoTech™ System is expertly installed directly into your roof - without racks or exposed wires.

High-Performance Panels

Integrated directly into the roof, the low-profile solar panel design beautifully complements the look of the home while maintaining affordability and delivering optimal performance. 

Unlike rack-mounted panels, the DecoTech™ System features perimeter protection with counterflashing and step flashing that all but eliminates the risks of leaks and infiltration by debris and animals.


Best-in-class high output panels deliver performance your customers can afford.
An integrated, interlocking system allows intuitive and seamless installation.
Elegant low-profile styling enhances any home — finally, solar is simply stunning.
One-Stop Installation

One-Stop Installation

Our GAF Solar Elite Contractors are experts in both the installation of solar panel systems and the protection of a roof's integrity. So you'll get the best possible service from a single, knowledgeable contractor.

Find out if the DecoTech™ System is right for your home!

Find out if the DecoTech™ System is right for your home!

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