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Roof coatings are a great way to extend the life of your low-slope or flat roof. They protect the roof from wind, rain and sun that can cause a roof to dry out and crack and can provide energy savings by lowering the temperature of the roof. Before you coat the roof, replace any wet insulation and address any ponding water areas. Once the roof is sound, you are ready for the Roof Mate System. The Roof Mate System includes all the components needed to restore the roof. The system includes Roof Mate Base Coat, Top Coat, Butter Grade Flashing, Fabric and Seam Tape. The Roof Mate Coating System can be used directly on most metal, asphaltic, and single ply roofs. Learn more about Roof Coatings at:
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Prep, seal & coat a roof needing repair or restoration with the Roof Mate Coating System. Learn more at:

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