Protecting our World:

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are proud to champion sustainability in all areas of our business. From local recycling efforts to creating sustainable products, we care about protecting the planet for future generations.

Our products protect the planet more than you may realize. When your GAF roof withstands severe storms, your house stays cool during the summer heat — reducing energy costs — or your children play in an eco-friendly playground surfaced with GAF coatings, you’ve been protected or helped by a GAF product.



Did you know that 40% of energy consumed in the U.S. is used by buildings? Or that 25% of heat loss goes through the roof? Many of our roofing materials help reduce heat loss and energy use by improving insulation and cooling the roof by reflecting UV rays instead of absorbing them.  Roofing is a very complex technology and our products are constructed to be socially responsible while withstanding whatever nature throws at us.



What else are we doing to protect the planet?



Celebrating Sustainability:

GAF employees get excited about finding sustainable solutions! Green Champions at every location collect and assess suggestions. They help coordinate the America Recycles Day in November and Earth Day events in April. Most importantly, they make sure that initiatives and successes are shared corporate-wide to encourage collaboration to protect our planet.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

GAF is committed to the three R’s:

Reduce energy used in production for both commercial and residential products.

Reuse materials including asphalt waste, fly ash, plastics, and engine oil

Recycle: we recycle 1 million tons of shingle materials per year. We also recycle “RAS” road beds, glass mat, pallets, and our TPO material is put back into the machine to make sure we are utilizing all the materials. We also support Zero-Waste-to-Landfill efforts and jobsite policies.



Solar Roofing:

The solar industry in the US continues to grow at a double-digit rate. GAF is a pioneer in the solar roofing market. Our innovative DecoTech Solar Roofing System provides an affordable, full-powered solar system that integrates seamlessly onto a shingle roof. It was designed for easy installation without compromising on power output.



Green Roofing:

Whether it’s LiveRoofing or Garden Roofing, GAF has a number of interesting green options. Vegetation protects the underlying membranes and can extend roof life by as much as 100%.

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Pavement Coating:

Non-toxic, fully recyclable, and water-based StreetBond® products are used on bike paths, playgrounds, and many other asphalt surfaces to protect and extends the life of the pavement. This product meets the Southern CA Air Quality Management District regulations, which are the most stringent environmental air pollution regulations in the US.

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**Did you know that GAF Headquarters in Parsippany, NJ was the first building in the world to have a LEED resiliency credit? Presented by the U.S. Green Building Council, this achievement recognizes us for accommodations made in the building’s design that allow it to function during an emergency event. 

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