GAF is North America's largest roofing manufacturer with over 130 years of expertise in helping property owners make their best roofing choices.

Why Choose GAF

GAF is North America's largest roofing manufacturer, with over 130 years of expertise in helping property owners make their best roofing choices.

GAF understands the demands of manufacturing facilities — in your business, roofs are expected to always be leak-free and reliable. The roof is a critical part of any building — serving as protection from the elements and even contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the structure.

From products for no- and low-odor installations that can minimize patient disruption to excellent guarantees, GAF offers energy-efficient and economical roofing solutions to protect your most valued investments. We offer:

  • Comprehensive Options: One of the largest portfolios of top-quality roofing products for both shingle and flat roofs
  • All Major Technologies: Including repair and maintenance products and economical roof restoration systems, as well as new roofing systems (BUR, MB, TPO, PVC, coatings & liquid membranes, and composite systems)
  • Extensive Cool Roofing Expertise: A broad array of energy-smart roofing options, some of which are ENERGY STAR® certified and/or Title 24 Compliant
  • Excellent Guarantee Options: No-dollar-limit guarantees up to 35 years.1 Plus, special offerings such as the WellRoof® Guarantee Extension1 available through Certified Maintenance Professionals (CMPs) (extends a low-slope roof guarantee by up to 25% for free, as long as regular maintenance is performed) and the All-American Pledge™ Roof Guarantee1 (the first NDL guarantee that covers both low- and steep-slope roofs on a single building)
  • Broad Manufacturing Network: State-of-the-art, efficient, low-waste manufacturing plants strategically located across the country
  • Expansive ISO Insulation Manufacturing: With several new, state-of-the-art plants currently in place or under development nationwide
  • An Intense Customer Focus: We continually strive to innovate better ways to serve our customers and meet their needs

You shouldn't have to think twice about the integrity of your commercial roofing system. Why trust your most valuable asset to anyone else?


About Us

Founded in 1886, GAF has become North America's largest roofing manufacturer. Our success in growing the company to nearly $3 billion in sales has been based on our unique philosophy of helping property owners & architects to make their best and safest roofing choices.

An American-owned company with dedicated inspectors, GAF is known for Advanced Quality, Industry Expertise, and Solutions Made Simple. We strive to help property owners/managers meet their roofing needs with fewer hassles and peace of mind. GAF has:

  • Over a century of expertise to serve your various roofing needs
  • Manufacturing locations across North America to serve you better
  • C.A.R.E. installation training — a program that has provided education to over 125,000 industry professionals — for your key personnel
  • GAF-certified contractors — more than 4,000 strong nationwide — to eliminate the risk that your roof will be installed by some fly-by-night contractor
  • A proven reputation — professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a GAF roof can offer
  • The industry's best guarantees — backed by GAF, a $3 billion company — to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve


Choosing The Right Roofing System

Choosing a roof can be a stressful and confusing experience for anyone in the commercial industry. With our full line of top-quality roofing products, industry-leading guarantees, and expert tools and resources, GAF makes it easy for you to select the right roofing solution for your needs. It's why property managers nationwide trust us to help them make their best and safest roofing choice.

Use our RoofAdvisor tool to sort through our system offerings by answering questions specific to your building, and receive the top suggestions for that job.


GAF Capabilities & Services

GAF is not only North America's largest roofing manufacturer but also a true provider for commercial roofing system needs. We offer a wide variety of roofing systems as well as all the accessories and support needed to do the job the right way. Property managers can have peace of mind knowing that GAF has the best-quality products and stands behind them with the industry's leading guarantees.

GAF continues to invest in plants that are more environmentally friendly and in products that utilize the latest technologies.

Multiple Roofing Technologies & Solutions:


  • List of GAF Plants
  • Architectural Information Service (AIS) (800-522-9224)
  • Roof 411 line (1-800-ROOF-411)
  • Specialty Roof Systems & Products

  • Guarantees

    Choosing GAF means not only installing high-performing products from a trusted commercial roofing company but it also means having the ability to protect your roof with great guarantee coverage. GAF offers maintenance and guarantee options that are tailored to your property’s needs.



    Regular roof maintenance is a responsibility of ownership and an integral part of extending the life of your building's roof. If you don't perform roof maintenance on an ongoing basis, you're putting your property at risk of damage from leaks — not to mention taking the chance that your guarantee coverage will be jeopardized.

    GAF's WellRoof® Guarantee Extension can help safeguard your property. This incorporates a very extensive annual inspection to review the condition of your roof, performed by a GAF Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP).

    GAF CMPs will perform the following vital services for your roof:

    • Conduct a yearly inspection
    • Communicate the roof's needs to you
    • Make maintenance repairs as necessary
    • Provide documentation to you that the repairs have been made


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    Sustainability/Environment/Energy Savings

    As the industry leader, GAF is proud to offer a broad array of environmentally friendly solutions. We have options for commercial, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government properties, including products containing recycled materials, reflective or "cool" roofing, re-cover roofing to reduce landfill waste, garden roofing, and solar roofing products. GAF has also worked to incorporate sustainable practices into the manufacturing process, including the recycling of shingle waste at our plants and a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill effort. Plus, our Certified Green Roofer™ Program recognizes professional roofing contractors for their recycling efforts!


    Technical Documents & Information

    GAF provides a comprehensive set of technical documents to meet nearly every roofing need — and if we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we have teams in place to help you. We also offer the industry's best technical support for the commercial business.

    Give us a call today at 1-800-ROOF-411 with ANY roofing challenge!

    GAF dedicates sections of its website to making it easy to find documents and technical information on its products, systems, and accessories. Click the links below for the Architects and Specifiers Portal, brochures, codes, specifications, application instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets, and more.


    Report Leak/Request Inspection For Guarantee Job

    To report a leak or request an inspection on your guarantee-covered job, please contact: 1-800-766-3411, Option 2

    Additional Support

    GAF is committed to Industry Expertise and Solutions Made Simple. No matter your roofing challenge, we can help.


    GAF News & Media

    As the leading roofing manufacturer, GAF strives to make a difference across America.

    You can stay up to date on all the latest happenings at GAF by reading our press releases, visiting us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and more.


    Educational Opportunities

    GAF offers a wide range of educational opportunities for commercial property owners and other industry professionals. Click on the following links to access over a century of roofing expertise!


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