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Best Practices for Your Roofing Website

Launching a roofing website for your company is one of the best ways to promote your business. While you don't have to be a web designer to create a good website, there are some best practices you’ll want to know. Here are three ideas to keep in mind when building your site.

Your homepage design sets the tone for your online sales pitch. It should be attractive and easy to navigate; showcase your company logo; and should feature images that represent you, your crew, and examples of your best work.

Be sure it looks as good on a phone or tablet as it does on a desktop, since that’s where more and more people access the web.

Depending how much you have to say, you can dedicate individual pages to topics like available services, company history, and contact information. Make sure each page is linked in the main navigation menu. If available, include information like testimonials, warranty options, promotions, and video of your best work.

Search Engines
Search engine optimization (SEO) affects how well your site ranks in search results: a higher ranking can turn into more potential leads. One key way to improve your site's SEO is to optimize your pages for local search by including your business name, address, and phone number throughout your site.

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