How To Market Your Maintenance Business

Roof maintenance is a critical part of property ownership and the best way to extend the life of a roof, but in order to sell maintenance services you need to sell yourself. 

One way to do this is to create a sell sheet to help promote your business, the company image you are trying to convey, and the benefits you offer. Start off with a description of your company, how long you have been in business, your specialties, if the company is family owned, etc. Use the initial section to paint a favorable picture of your company and how you can help owners maximize the life of their roof.


Here are some additional points to include in the sell sheet:

  • You are a GAF Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP) and working with you can make your customer eligible to take advantage of GAF’s WellRoof® Guarantee Extension that will extend your customer’s guarantee coverage at no cost.

  • Every year throughout the warranty period, you will perform a thorough, preventative maintenance inspection/checklist and provide your customer with before-and-after photos along with a written report of your roofing assessment. 

  • You have an in-place written Safety Program for your client’s protection and review. 

  • You will man the project to meet your customer’s construction schedule and needs. 

  • List all awards and certificates your company has earned.

  • Show examples of work you’ve done for a project like a photo or testimonial from a client.



Once you create a sheet with all of your information, make sure you distribute it to your customers and prospective clients to explain how they can benefit from hiring you as their CMP. The right sell sheet will leave them with little question that you are the right person to trust with their annual roof maintenance.

If you are not a CMP and want more information about how to get into maintenance, contact your local Territory Manager.


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