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 Did You Know?

  • The U.S. government owns or leases over 500,000 structures and spends over $30 billion annually on their operations and maintenance.1
  • In the 2013 fiscal year, 1,800 direct federal reroofing contracts were awarded, with 1,304 of them going directly to small businesses.2 That translates to over 70%!

What is a Federal Small Business Contractor?

Many contracts are given to small businesses because it’s the law — but also because it helps stimulate the economy and create jobs. For a roofing contractor, a small business is defined as having an annual sales limit of $14 million ($33.5 million for a general construction contractor). There are several basic small business designations for which the government routinely reserves contracts. To become a small business government contractor candidate, at least 51% of your company must be owned by one of the groups or applicable to one of the categories listed below (research the full requirements of each at www.sba.gov/):

  1. Small Business
  2. Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  3. SBA Certified 8(a)
  4. Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  5. Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)
  6. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

A business located in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) that also meets the requirements of that program

Why Aren’t More Contractors In This Market?

Contractors looking to get into the government market are often overwhelmed by the bureaucratic red tape, complicated procedures, and steep learning curve. They're not sure where to start or how to get through the process, and in the end, they simply give up. However, all they need is a little help.

Why Partner With GAF?

  • Only GAF provides a step-by-step guide to selling roofing to the federal government
  • We’ve done the work for you, providing the website links, tools, and resources you need to get started
  • We help you sort through the process and build your business
  • We provide the insider tips that the most successful government contractors are using to get ahead and succeed

With a long-term commitment and an allocation of resources, you can break in and do well in the government marketplace. GAF is committed to helping you grow your business and increase your knowledge in this industry.

Get Started Now!

To learn more about how GAF can help you get into the government market, check out our webinar Federal Small Business Group – An Introduction for GAF Certified Contractors or contact Jennifer Long at jlong@gaf.com.

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