IntelliTec Medical Institute


Colorado Springs, CO

Completion Date: September 2012

“The American flag roof was a tribute and statement to the brave men and women serving our country. It was just a roofer’s way of translating our industry’s appreciation for their dedication.”

Eric Grengs, production manager, Interstate Roofing

Building Overview

  • IntelliTec Medical Institute is an institute of higher education in Colorado Springs dedicated to providing healthcare training using expert in-field professional instructors who teach in classrooms built just like working laboratories.

The Challenge

  • Roofing contractor Scott Riopelle and foreman Don Doubleday from Interstate Roofing had been looking for a roof to accommodate a U.S. flag in Colorado Springs for some time. They got their chance after a hailstorm damaged the roof at IntelliTec Medical Institute.


  • When property owner Ernest Dill contacted Interstate for a quote to fix the leaking roof, the project manager, Jake Reid, broached the idea of putting a 76-square American flag on the roof, and Dill was all for it. The roof was clear of equipment and was the right size to accommodate the flag. Plus, the roof was in the flight line of military aircrafts from Peterson Air Force Base.
  • The crew tore off the hail-damaged three-ply modified bitumen membrane down to the concrete deck. A 2" layer of GAF EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation was adhered to the deck with OlyBond500® Spot Shot low-rise foam adhesive. The base of the roof was EverGuard® TPO 60 mil Energy Gray adhered with EverGuard® 1121 TPO Bonding Adhesive to the EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation. The red and blue sections of the flag were created with colored, welded 60 mil TPO . 50 4' x 4' stars were hand cut from 60 mil White TPO lined up and welded to the Blue TPO. The flag was then welded to the Energy Gray TPO. 16-foot crickets were also added to enhance roof drainage.
  •  The flag is an integral part of the roof and backed by a 20-year NDL guarantee from GAF. 

Key facts

  • In what looked like a symbolic salute to the flag, military jets that flew overhead would dip a wing toward the building. The flag was completed on Sept. 11, 2012, just in time to be included in the city’s 9/11 memorial.

Job Details

Colorado Springs, CO
Job Size
14,000 square feet
Building Owner
Ernest Dill

Interstate Roofing

1050 W. 47th Avenue Denver, CO 80211

(303) 763-9114

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