Pavement Coatings Project Profile

Creative Crosswalks

Creative Crosswalks

Austin, TX

Completion Date: May 2018


Building Overview 

  • The crosswalk was in need of updating, and members of the local community wanted to be part of the makeover. By utilizing StreetBond® Coatings, the crosswalk was given new life while the community was able to be a part of the design process.


  • The project empowered the community and made them feel like a part of something meaningful. It also helped to improve safety as the designated crosswalk area was clearly identified, creating a safer environment for pedestrian traffic.

Key Facts

  • The solar reflective colors help to keep the black surfaces cooler especially in a warmer climate environment such as Austin, Texas.

Material Used

  • StreetBond® 150 Pavement Coating in solar reflective colors: Evergreen, Safety Blue, Terra Cotta, and Marigold

Job Details

Austin, TX
Job Size
2,000 sq. ft.

Crossroads Decorative Paving

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