Dona Ana Elementary School
Coatings Project Profile

Dona Ana Elementary School

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Completion Date: December 2015

“Our roof project at Doña Ana Elementary School, completed by RoofCARE, went exceptionally well. For such a major project, there was minimal impact to our learning environment. We were impressed that the noise level was minimal and the smell of product was hardly detectable. Student safety and learning was at the forefront of all decisions. RoofCARE was responsive to our questions about the project and participated in regular meetings with all stakeholders. Overall, we have been very pleased with the outcome of this project! Thank you!"

Cherie Love, Principal, Las Cruces Public Schools

Building Overview 

  • The fully adhered existing single-ply membrane was in fair-to-failing condition, depending on the section in question. Several sections had moisture in the system, meaning they had to be torn off and replaced. Other sections were able to be salvaged, with the fluid-applied system installed as an overlay.

The Challenge

  • Strangely, some sections of the existing roof were showing moisture on the Tramex moisture scanner, but dry on the infrared thermography scan. We discovered the TPO had trace amounts of moisture trapped within the scrim (in areas where the TPO was splitting and/or crazing). Extra dry time was needed after storms and pressure washing to allow the moisture to vent out and dry properly to avoid blistering.
  • During the design phase, this project presented a variety of complex challenges: tight budgets, a short installation window, and an existing single-ply roof coming apart at the seams. Also, about half of this project was carried out during New Mexico’s Monsoon Season. This required diligent planning, coordination, and scheduling to make sure we had everything covered and protected before the storms hit. Completing the project in December also presented a challenge, being that the fluid-applied system had to be installed and cured in temperatures of 50 degrees and rising.


  • After a thorough inspection and diagnostics, including an infrared thermography scan and Tramex moisture scans, RoofCARE determined several of the existing 11 roof sections had moisture in the system and needed to be removed and replaced. In addition to new tapered ISO insulation and a peel-and-stick base sheet, we proposed the HydroStop® PremiumCoat® System, a fully reinforced, fully adhered acrylic elastomeric system, based on its sustainable and highly rated nature. This system is energy efficient, durable, simple to install, doesn’t require heavy equipment on the roof, is low VOC, easy to maintain, and provides an excellent warranty. Last but not least, this system is FM-4470 rated as a complete roofing system. These features and benefits were very attractive to ESA Construction and Las Cruces Public Schools.
  • After completing the project, GAF provided a manufacturer’s NDL labor and material warranty.1 RoofCARE also provided a two-year contractor’s workmanship warranty.

Key Facts

  • Recipient of the National CoatingsPro Award in the Commercial Roofing category.

Job Details

Las Cruces, NM
Building Owner:
Las Cruces Public Schools
Roofing Contractor


406 Roundtree Pl., Ste. 300 Las Cruces, NM 88005

(888) 336-3037

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