January 03, 2016 12:00 AM

GAF Announces “The Eat & Greet with Guy Fieri Sweepstakes”

Game-changing technology program revolutionizes the way roofing, siding, and window jobs are estimated and sold 


GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of its newest app, e360. e360 is the roofing industry’s most advanced 3D visualizer and estimator. It leverages exciting new technology to make measurements and estimation incredibly easy and accurate — and includes the industry’s first three-dimensional visualization capability that will truly impress prospective customers. Best of all, it's available to contractors at an extremely competitive price versus other measurement services, including an additional discount for GAF Master Elite® and Certified™ Contractors.

“One of the most significant challenges in our industry is getting accurate measurements without a lot of time and hassle,” said James Cito, marketing manager at GAF. “The e360 app allows contractors to measure a job by taking 4 – 8 pictures of the property with a smartphone or tablet using the app. Within 24 hours, e360 creates an unobstructed 3D rendering of the home, complete with measurements of not only the roof but also the siding and windows."

As Cito also pointed out, “Our industry has always been challenged with finding ways to show homeowners what their new roof will look like. The e360 tool affords contractors the opportunity to show not only a 2D, but also a 3D, visualization of the entire home and allows the homeowner to ‘try out’ new colors and styles to see what works best — which can ultimately help influence close rates.” 

Additional benefits include:

•       Comprehensive Measurements… All roof measurements — not just overall squares and pitch — are included, which means a more accurate assessment of materials needed for the job and less waste.

•       Save Time… One set of eight photos gives all the measurements needed for the roof, siding, and windows, alleviating the time usually required to measure each part. The roof measurements include key areas like square footage, ridges, valleys, eaves, and rakes for a very comprehensive job estimate report.

•       No Obstruction Concerns… The technology used for e360 removes any issues related to obstructions like trees or shrubbery that would normally render other measurement tools insufficient.

Pricing for each roof-only report starts at just $9.99 for GAF factory-certified contractors and $20 for all other contractors. A complete report that includes roofing, siding, and window measurements starts at $40 each, with additional discounts for GAF factory-certified contractors. Contractors can go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play and search “GAF e360” to download the app.

To learn more about GAF, visit gaf.com.    


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