August 21, 2013 12:00 AM

UL Environment Validates First Landfill Waste Diversion Claim; GAF Demonstrates Role as Sustainability Leader

Leading North American roofing manufacturer GAF has certified its Gainesville, TX TPO Roofing manufacturing facility under UL Environment’s Landfill Waste Diversion claim validation. With this announcement, all GAF EverGuard TPO roofing, including EverGuard Extreme with its market leading performance and warranty, is made in UL Landfill Diversion certified plants. Design professionals may now specify this material with confidence that it will be produced in a Landfill Diversion certified facility.

Launched in June of 2012, UL Environment’s Zero Waste to Landfill, Virtually Zero Waste to Landfill, and Landfill Waste Diversion claim validations recognize companies that handle waste in innovative and environmentally responsible ways.

“We congratulate GAF on being the first to extend their validated waste reduction efforts to their entire TPO roofing product line,” says Sara Greenstein, president of UL Environment. “We see more businesses undertaking waste reduction initiatives and the growing need for meaningful, third-party validation of landfill waste diversion claims. UL’s trusted Environmental Claim Validation mark helps manufacturers to promote this accomplishment clearly and confidently to their customers.”

UL Environment’s landfill waste diversion criteria include a variety of methods that companies may use to minimize the amount of waste they send to landfills, from energy creation through waste incineration to reuse, recycling, and composting. Companies that achieve a landfill diversion rate of 100 percent qualify for the Zero Waste to Landfill validation. Companies that achieve a diversion rate of 98 percent or greater qualify for the Virtually Zero Waste to Landfill validation. Those that achieve a diversion rate of 80 percent or greater qualify for the Landfill Waste Diversion validation.

“I’m extremely proud of our manufacturing team on completing this second Landfill Diversion claim. We’ve made great progress in minimizing manufacturing scrap and reprocessing materials. Thanks to all our vendors and partners who continue to help us with this effort”said Martin Grohman, director of sustainability at GAF.

The Gainesville, Texas plant, which spans 100,000 square feet and employs 55 people, achieved the certification. The specific claim is worded:

GAF’s EverGuard TPO manufacturing facility, located in Gainesville, TX, has achieved a landfill diversion rate of 88%.

To earn a Zero Waste to Landfill claim validation mark, a Virtually Zero Waste to Landfill claim validation mark, or a Landfill Waste Diversion claim validation mark, companies must undergo an extensive, two-part, UL-led audit, which includes document evaluation and onsite visits. Each claim validation mark clearly indicates the facility’s specific rate of landfill diversion. Facilities whose landfill waste diversion claims have been validated by UL Environment are audited annually and featured in UL Environment’s Sustainable Products Database.

To learn more about sustainable options and efforts at GAF, visit

To learn more about UL Environment’s Zero Waste to Landfill, Virtually Zero Waste to Landfill, and Landfill Waste Diversion claim validations, visit

About GAF

Founded in 1886, GAF has become the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. The company’s products include a comprehensive portfolio of steep-slope and commercial roofing systems, which are supported by an extensive national network of factory-certified contractors. Its success is driven by its commitment to Advanced Quality, Industry Expertise, and Solutions Made Simple for contractors, specifiers, and property owners alike. In 2011, GAF was the first roofing manufacturer to offer a Lifetime limited warranty on all of its laminated shingles and, in 2012, it introduced the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.

With a focus on social responsibility, GAF has developed Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, which provides superior durability and wind resistance while reducing the use of scarce natural resources. The company has also developed single-ply and asphaltic membranes with superior durability and high reflectivity to meet the most rigorous industry standards while helping commercial property owners and designers reduce energy consumption.

GAF also supports the roofing industry through CARE, the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, which has provided education to over 125,000 professionals. CARE’s mission is to help professional contractors and distributors build their businesses through sales and management education, and to provide product and installation training to contractors, distributors, architects, property owners, and related industry personnel. For more information about GAF, visit

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